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I’m sorry about the iCarly references, I was iCarly-hyper that day. FRED. Um, ok. So, YAY, people like Pillowcase! Let’s examine the results!

I DO, I DO!!!! – 7 vote(s)!
Ewww, more people! Get it away! – 1 vote(s)!
CABBAGES! – 1 vote(s)!
Indifferent – 1 vote(s)!

And yes, I’m really sorry about not having written for either Four Island or The Sabrina FanWiki for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggggeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss. I’m sorry sorry sorry sorrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! :( *cries and runs away*

Hatkirby on February 28, 2009 at 10:06 am

Comment Editation

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Well, TimTam was badgering me for it (read: agreed when I suggested it in the comment thread of Project FourChat), so I finally implemented it. Peoples and more peoples, you can now edit and delete comments. Of course, only your own. Otherwise people would be evil.

There was just one other thing I was wondering. Should I make it that you can only modify your latest comment on a thread or should you be able to modify any of your comments on each thread? I was thinking that because that way, people couldn’t modify the past and ruin the fabric of the space-time continuum and I’m insane so I’ll just let you decide, kay?

One other thing was, should I add phpBB’s idea of showing the last edited time under each edited comment so people know that it was edited? Just wondering.

OMG That was a short post *is sad*. It seems like I’m just trying to fill up space! That’s not good. Anyway, comment! :)

Hatkirby on February 22, 2009 at 12:59 pm

Valentinian Poll

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*scoffs* Does everyone think I’m a stalker? Noooo, I’m a benevolent overperson of Four Island WHO EATS YOU HAHAHAH. :) Sorry, I’m just a tad hyper. It’ll cool off. Hi there, would you like potatoes with that?

Yes :) – 0 vote(s)!
No, but I’m OK with that – 3 vote(s)!
STALKER – 5 vote(s)!
Indifferent – 1 vote(s)!

Anyways, happy Valentine’s Day people! And I WILL post, I WILL POST! I have a few posts in my drafts pile, but I needs to finish them! :)

Hatkirby on February 21, 2009 at 8:54 am


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OMG I haven’t posted in AGES! GAAAAAAAAHHHHH! *jumps off something*

Okay, I’m back. So, if you’ve been reading True Falsities lately, you’ll have seen a story by me about Bluemonkey creating a comic strip called Pillowcase. He didn’t, I did. After writing that story, I went a little Pillowcase-insane and made it into a real webcomic. :)

Pillowcase! The site’s still slightly under construction, but I have the comic viewing properly set up. Plus, I have a pending queue of 25 comics currently, so even if I procrastinate and die, the comic will continue for 25 more days yaaaay!

So, I’m insane, but in a good way. :) YAY for Pillowcase, the daily-updating webcomic about…………………. A PILLOWCASE!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Hatkirby on February 20, 2009 at 7:34 pm

So Random Poll

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Wow, that was a REALLY RANDOM POLL OMIGOSH. I hope I can get more serious this time (of course, unless I can’t think of anything. Then it’ll be random advertisement time, yay!)

….no…. – 0 vote(s)!
Um, why are you asking me? YOU STALKER! – 1 vote(s)!
You clearly didn’t have any good poll ideas this week! Sujing chao! – 2 vote(s)!

Anyways, happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you all have a good day and I hope I start using commas correctly and writing posts for Four Island!

Hatkirby on February 14, 2009 at 7:43 am

Poll Of Quotes

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I’m not very fond of your haaaaat…. I’m sorry, I’m simply obsessed with funny quotes from TV. What’s even funnier is when Josh walks into the room where Sabrina is and says "Sie schauen heute abend so reizend aus." I DIED laughing, but that’s so off the point.

Teh commenting is fun! – 7 vote(s)!
OMG You’re a bully! – 0 vote(s)!
I’m not very fond of your haaaat…. – 0 vote(s)!
Indifferent – 1 vote(s)!

GAH I’m still not posting consistently! I had a post idea on Wednesday that was for Thursday, but I forgot to write it wragadablareeee :(. Hopefully I’ll get back into it, kay? :)

Hatkirby on February 7, 2009 at 8:48 pm

RGBA Layout

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Oh yes, I did it again. A new layout. Well, not really. Like 6.1, layout 6.2 is a minor update to the major Layout 6. I’ve removed the phpBB-style background and made the center semi-transparent instead. This way, all text is still visible, but you can also see the background, something I was going for for ages.

I got this idea from CSS-Tricks’ RGBa Browser Support. I saw that and immediately went "YAY THAT’S LIKE TOTALLY PERFECT!" (the previous sentence may have possibly been paraphrased :)) I’ve been trying to achieve an effect like this since I saw CSS-Tricks’ Blurry Background Effect and thought it’d be a great way to overcome the problem.

So, if anyone has any difficulties with the new layout, such as it throws up in IE 7.6546465 or looks so disgusting that you’d like to eat a cheesedoodle, just comment and tell me. :)

Hatkirby on February 5, 2009 at 12:32 pm

True Falsities

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At the beginning of the month, I posted about my falsities blog, True Falsities. Back then, the implantation for True Falsities was a subfourm of Storybook Time on The Fourm. However, now I’ve moved my falsities blog and put it up for the interwebz. It’s available at false.fourisland.com.

Not only can I write posties, so can you! You’re perfectly allowed to register and submit an article for review. Timbo94 has already done so and his post "Heat Kills, Aircon Saves Life" has made the front page. Of course, any new post makes the front page, but I just like saying "made the front page."

You may be wondering why I’m using WordPress even though I’ve sworn WordPress is evil. Well, I’m still using my own handtyped code for my personal blog, so it’s okay. Also, you may have noticed that I totally stole Humorix‘s theme. I know they won’t mindy, right? :)

Hatkirby on February 2, 2009 at 12:32 pm

My Feeds Are Dying!

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Oh dear. A few days ago I read on Daily Blog Tips that due to Google acquiring FeedBurner that all feeds should be moved to Google’s servers. The problem with that is that Google set a deadline. Feburary 28th. Worst part is, any feeds not transferred before said date will 404.

It’s pretty easy to transfer your feeds. There’s a link at the top of the FeedBurner member pages entitled "Move my feed now" or something similar, which lets you sign into a Google account to move the feeds to. Then it transfers the feed, which may take a very long time depending on the length of said feed. Then, you’re done. You won’t be able to sign in to feedburner.com anymore, but feedburner.google.com works. You’ll also be advised to change your feeds.feedburner.com links to feeds2.feedburner.com, but if you don’t, they’ll redirect.

I think Google’s mistake, though, is setting unmoved feeds to 404 after the deadline date. For instance, if I didn’t read Daily Blog Tips, I would not have known about this. At all. I’m so detached, I didn’t even know FeedBurner had been acquired! Imagine the problems. I probably wouldn’t know a thing until June when someone complains that the RSS feed has stopped working.

So, you peoples who use FeedBurner, make sure that you transfer your feed to Google’s server!

Hatkirby on February 1, 2009 at 12:37 pm