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The story of how I came to love an album called Annetenna is sort of long and thus I won’t publish it here. If anyone cares (they don’t), I’ll tell. It’s not a secret. Let’s just say it involves the TV show "What I Like About You". I can see your brains turning off.

I’ll just jump straight to the point. Annetenna was a short-lived band that emerged from the ashes of another band called Ednaswap. They created an amazing debut album that was shelved by Columbia Records due to "internal organization". Annetenna decided to self-publish their self-titled album and put it up on their website for all to download. For free.

Now, the tragedy is that at some point, Annetenna’s website went down. Along with all of their songs. Perhaps since the band went out of existence, they forgot to pay the domain renewal fee. Regardless, after that, the songs became difficult, nay, impossible to find on the Internet. Such is the bane of people who like music by obscure artists. 😛

Anyway, I eventually tracked down someone who wrote a review (who has requested anonymity) of Annetenna and I went out on a limb and emailed them. To my delight, he replied the next day and provided the songs to me along with some live tracks. And I thought, "Why should I be the only one who gets these songs?" The album was originally available for free, and, while searching the Internet trying to find the album, I found many other people who really wanted to download this album. So I decided to put the songs up on my website for all to download.

I hope this page receives high Google PageRank because I want other people who want this album to get it. You can either download the songs individually or via a torrent that I will attempt to seed as often as I possibly can. Below, you will find a list of songs that you can download. They are all in MP3 format. Some of them also have a live version that you can also download.

  1. Ultraviolet (live)
  2. Oblivion (live)
  3. Halo
  4. 74 Willow (live)
  5. Extraordinary (live)
  6. What We Are Not
  7. Don’t Think About it Now (live)
  8. Homewrecker
  9. This is Not a Love Song (live)
  10. My Favorite Song (live)
  11. From All Sides (live)

Click here to download the torrent file. The torrent contains all of the files listed above, including the live tracks.

I hope that, for those of you who came here looking for Annetenna songs, I just made your day! And for the rest of you, who are just reading because you’re my regular readers, well, I’ll give you a hug anyway. 😛

Hatkirby on March 9, 2010 at 8:18 pm
  • lolarise

    Thank you so much! I HAVE BEEN LOOKING EVERYWHER FOR THIS!!!!!!!

  • Hatkirby

    I’m going to post this message here as well as the home page so that it’s more likely that the original commenter notices it:

    Last night (or perhaps earlier, I only discovered it last night), someone left an anonymous comment on my Annetenna post. I approved it, but for some reason, my blog system accidentally deleted it. I’m very sorry to the commenter and if you’re reading this, please resubmit your comment to the Annetenna post and I’ll ensure that it gets posted this time.

  • Otto Lonkero

    Many thanks, this was great! You really made a favour to all us Annetenna fans. I still do not understand why I cannot buy the album from a shop. I dislike record companies a lot now.

  • msr

    Hey, thanks for this. I had some live versions (I’m not sure if they’re the same ones you have here… haven’t listened yet) and I actually sort of prefer them. The songs are good, but I feel like they’re overproduced and hazy-sounding. But it’s great to hear them the way the band intended after all this time of searching.

  • Regnowsin

    You rock. I got a copy of the 2 song sampler w/ Oblivion and Ultraviolet on it, but had never found the album. Thank you!

  • markus

    thank u so much!

  • 74w

    it torrent available, too?

  • Hatkirby

    @74w The torrent doesn’t really work too well as I’m really the only person who seeds it and I’ve actually been away all month and haven’t been able to seed it. Sorry about that, but you can still download the songs using the normal download links.

  • z777

    Good music, Great band!

  • Stephen

    Thank you. I’ve been trying to find this album for a couple of years now.


  • Eric

    Need seeders

  • Hatkirby

    @Eric Sorry about that, I’m probably the only one who seeds it and my computer isn’t always on. If it doesn’t work, though, you can just download directly via HTTP using the links above.

  • Eric

    Dude didn’t realize that. THANKS. Guys right-click the blue files and click save link as(I’m using Chrome)

    I love Annetenna I know them from the Chumscrubber soundtrack

  • Dan Dan

    You did completely make my day! THANK YOU! This is most likely the best finished album that any record label has deprived the public of. Anne Preven is quite possibly the most gifted musician, songwriter and producer that has been most shat-upon by the record industry.

    When AnneTenna put this up on their website, there was also a pdf file that contained hihg-resolution print-ready artwork for the entire booklet, back insert, and disc itself. SOMEONE still has that file. PLEASE share it! I lost it when my ex-wife stole my computer back in 2003, along with a few CDs I made of it complete with the cases as if they’d actually been released.

    This still sounds totally fresh. There’s got to be some way Anne can release this herself on iTunes & Amazon. I’d hope Columbia/Sony hasn’t f’ed her so bad that she can’t do that. The hit-counter here shows there’s clearly demand for it, and exposure on those sites could turn so many more people onto this great album.

  • Hatkirby

    I’m very sorry–today, for the second time, I found an anonymous comment in the moderation queue for this post and even though I approved it, my blog system deleted it for some reason. If the author is reading this (the comment said something about their copies of the MP3s getting ruining somehow and included a link to the Internet Archive), please resubmit your comment and I’ll ensure it gets posted this time.

  • R

    You can totally read my mind. I have been looking ALLLLL over for these exact mp3 files. I think I try once a year to search google. This year I found it! Lucky me!!!! I lost those files when my computer crashed. Anne Preven really knows how to combine lyrics into memorable songs.

  • Ed

    You just made my day! 74 Willow from Ednaswap was my wedding song! I lost this when my hard drive crashed and I am happy to finally have it again!

  • zidge

    Thanks a lot!!

  • TD

    AWESOME..I’m going through another Ednaswap kick and this just made my day :)

  • vec

    thanks a ton man …. u made my day ….. keep up the good work.

  • Melissa

    DAY MADE. Actually more like year made. Thank you.

  • GeneralEclectic

    Oh, I guess I’m a little late to the party. I’ve come here looking for songs by Scott Cutler whose name I remembered from tunes he co-wrote with different people for artists such as Roger McGuinn and John Miles. And of course, I remembered the radio hit “Torn”. I had had a listen to “Wacko Magneto” back in the 90s inside a store but it was not my cup of tea.

    Now I listen to AnneTenna and “74 Willows” is my favourite so far. Just beautiful.
    It’s hard to imagine the label rejected this album but sometimes they do that to protect the market share of some of their artists from forthcoming releases on their own label. For a music lover like me, this practise is hard to understand.

    “AnneTenna” would be nice to have in lossless sound (full CD quality) but if these mp3s are the best we can get, well, what can we do about it?

    Thank you very much for making these songs available again.

  • mrBB

    Truly phenominal recording beginning to end. It is a MUST HEAR!

    Annetenna. (LP: Self Titled)
    MP3 Format. 228 Bitrate.
    Advance CDRIP / Full Studio LP Recording
    CD ARTWORK Included
    Status: Unreleased / ZIP FILE (80 MB)

    Full Unreleased LP

    01. UltraViolet
    02. Halo
    03. Oblivion
    04. 74 Willows
    05. Extroidanary
    06. What We Are Not
    07. Don’t Think About It Now
    08. Homewrecker
    09. This Is Not A Love Song
    10. My Favorite Song
    11. From All Sides
    12. Torn (Acoustic Performance Live On Howard Stern Show)

  • Dane Connor

    No amount of exclamation marks can express my thanks for uploading these songs to the net!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zuru

    Thank you really much for this! There’s any way to find this songs in a high quality format? Thanks, anyway! I love you, haha.

  • Giuliana

    Thank you so much! Over a year ago, I discovered “74 willow” by Annetenna because it was used in a dream sequence on a wonderful TV series called Six Feet Under and I had been looking for it ever since! You just made my day :)

  • Craig Niswonger

    Thank you! I got a sampler of Ultraviolet and Oblivion back when I worked at a music store. Been looking for the album ever since.