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I’ve often wondered about what I should blog about on my blog. Stuff, right? I asked about it in a poll a few weeks ago. Programming stuff won, but is that really all yo you people care about? Last year, I did a few randomish posts such as Cakefile and A Short Tribute To Doctor Who and they were received well. Random stuff is fun and hopefully you’ll be seeing more of it on this blog.

However, note that when I say random stuff, I do not mean like My Weird Social Commentary. I’m trying to pretend that never happened. It actually only happened because I was in this same situation–it was late at night, I was tired and I need a post so I wouldn’t fail my annual goal. This is why I like posting earlier in the week, so even if I don’t post again later, I’m safe.

Also, I wanted to mention that I’ve been thinking about it and, really, this is my personal blog. I can write whatever I want to on it. If you haven’t noticed, all I ever write about is programming or a project I’m "working" on. I could write about some insane book I’m reading or the most fantabulous singer evar. In fact, you know what would be cool? I buy an album once a month because I like collecting things and CDs are just freaking awesome. So, what I could do is, after purchasing my monthly album, listen to it for about a week and then write a review of it.

That would actually be a really cool thing to do. I actually just came up with that while writing the previous paragraph. Writing does stuff for you :). Anyway, I think I’ll be writing more often on my blog because I realized that I don’t have to restrict myself to formalish stuff. I mean, look at Drifty’s blog, or Pyro’s blog. Now, I’m logging off so I can get some sleep. Bye. 😛

Hatkirby on April 23, 2010 at 11:12 pm