Jailbreaking 4.2.1 Was A Nightmare

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Hi! Guess what came out a few days ago! The long-awaited iOS 4.2.1 jailbreak! Horray! At least, that’s what I was thinking, having been stuck on iOS 4.1 for months. I eagerly downloaded Greenpois0n RC5 and tried to jailbreak. This was my horrific experience:

  1. First, I downloaded Greenpois0n RC5. Not as simple as you would think because so many other people were trying the same exact thing. I finally managed to get it off a mirror, though.
  2. Second, I upgraded my iPhone to iOS 4.2.1. It took quite a while and when it finished, it popped up with Error 1013 (or something like that) and demanded that I restore my iPhone to factory settings. I would rather not.
  3. Going out on a limb, I tried using RecBoot to kick my iPhone out of recovery mode and, what do you know, it worked! I later discovered that Error 1013 was a result of having Cydia’s TSS server in my /etc/hosts file and that practically everybody knew to use RecBoot at that point. 😛
  4. Now for the exciting part: untethered jailbreak. I ran Greenpois0n and… nothing happened. Greenpois0n said "Complete :)", but when my phone finished restarting, I could tell that clearly, nothing had happened. Wow. After a few more attempts with nothing happening, I gave up.
  5. Still needing a jailbreak, though, I downloaded redsn0w and an ISPW file.
  6. Then, I gained a tethered jailbreak using redsn0w. I was excited to see that, even though I had to reinstall all of my Cydia apps, all of my settings were still there.
  7. Upset that I was tethered and slightly regretting upgrading at all, I tried to get an untethered jailbreak again and re-ran Greenpois0n. This time, instead of just failing like usual, it got my iPhone stuck in the Apple Logo Boot Cycle Of Death. You know, when the phone starts booting and then restarts over and over again?
  8. Guess what the only solution to that is? Restore your iPhone. Great. Just great. I avoided having to do it before and now I’m ending up doing it anyway.
  9. I waited like a half an hour for it to finish and you know what happens next? Error 1013. (Or something like that). So, I blanked my iPhone and it was still stuck in the boot cycle. I did some research and discovered the cause of the error was the entry in the hosts file, so I removed the entry and restored again.
  10. Okay, better; it worked that time. Good thing I had a backup of my device from before I jailbroke, otherwise I would’ve been very annoyed at that point. Restoring from the backup also took a bit of time
  11. Then, I had to sync all of my media. Goodness, that took a long time.
  12. Finally, I was back to the point I was at during step 4, but this time, there was a new version of Greenpois0n to try: Greenpois0n RC5 v2. So, I tried to jailbreak and this time, instead of silently failing, it said "Failed :(". Wow, that’s so much better.
  13. I decided to get serious and took a peek at the logs. They were filled with libusb errors and such, so I did some research and downloaded the newest version of libusb from MacPorts.
  14. Did that do anything? Nope. Very annoyed at this point, I opened my Twitter client and saw that some people suggested running the actual binary (instead of the bundle) from the Terminal as an administrator.
  15. sudo Greenpois0n.app/Contents/MacOS/Greenpois0n
  16. ohmygoditworked. 😀 Finally, after a whole ton my time was wasted, I got my untethered jailbreak back. Except, I didn’t have Cydia yet. And the Loader.app wasn’t working.
  17. Not a problem, though, because I had previously read that the strain put on Greenpois0n’s servers had stopped Loader.app from working and that you could instead install Cydia using redsn0w without breaking your untethered jailbreak, so I loaded up redsn0w again and installed Cydia.
  18. Horray! Now, I just had to reinstall all of my apps (thankfully, the configuration was all still there, probably thanks to my backup) and I could finally listen to music on my iPhone again! You know, because I’m a last.fm nut and I can’t listen to any music if it won’t get scrobbled. 😛

Upgrading to 4.2.1 certainly was an ordeal, but was it worth it? Well, so far as I can currently tell, not really. Well, sort of. I set up Find My iPhone and am very happy with it, though I think it’s a bit unlikely that I’ll lose my iPhone. You never know, though, right? Besides that, well, though I am very excited to have AirPrint, I’m not sure when I’ll ever use it. Ditto to AirPlay, seeing as we don’t actually have any AirPlay speakers and I would rather have an iTunes instance controlling AirPlay speakers. Also, I hate the new Voice Memos icon. Whatever; I guess it just best to always have the latest software.

Have you had any horrific jailbreaking experiences? Do you want to jailbreak and now can because of Greenpois0n RC5? Do you want a burrito? Leave a comment and I’ll consider taping it to my fridge!

Hatkirby on February 6, 2011 at 2:23 pm