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Another Username Change

No, you haven't lost your mind again. I have changed my username. Again.

I just felt as if Starla was too common, I mean, I really liked the name, but too many other people on the Internet used the same name, so it wouldn't be unique.

I've come up with StarlaXY as an alternative as it's unused and actually makes logical sense (though I won't tell you why, and be quiet Tamasys, you're lucky I told you), but I don't think it's cute enough.

So please leave comments on what you think. I'd like help on this because I don't want to always be changing my username. I may even decide to go back to Hatkirby. Please tell me what you think.

NOTE: The Login button is still in existance, it's just invisible. Sorry. That's fixed in the new Four Island. For the time being, it's located next to the "Links" button on the NavBar.

Hatkirby on June 1st, 2008 at 10:30:08pm
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