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Case Of The Missing Poll Options

Yikes, this poll was scary. The lack of three of the options resulted from a typo on my side, I accidentally pressed ENTER instead of TAB after typing the first option and at that point, my admin panel didn't let me edit polls, I actually would've had to go into my server and modify the database. Now, my new admin panel does let me edit polls, so this weird poll shouldn't happen again. What, what? I like weird polls! Anyways, here are the results!

Go eat a flying glass of water - 3 vote(s)! - 1 vote(s)! - 1 vote(s)! - 0 vote(s)!

Yeah, kind of weird. Anyway, YAY! I am still enjoying the new Layout, and I lovvveeee the new admin panel! :D

Hatkirby on August 14th, 2009 at 10:11:17am
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