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It seems in my post strike last year, I neglected to do the obligatory Christmas Day post. Well, actually, I completely missed out on Christmas Week. Last year (lol, two years ago) I did some fun things like reviewing an extremely odd play that I had written when I was young (I had written another play that I planned to review this year, but.... :P), writing an extremely corny story and temporarily reviving KFM.

Actually, looking back at 2008, you will not find a Christmas post. That is because, somehow, the contents of the row were deleted from the database (even though the actual row wasn't deleted). I keep meaning to check my backup (yes, you read that correctly, I only have one pre-October '09 backup) and restore the post, if possible, but anyway, back to last year.

The main thing I was going to write about in my Christmas post was the most important Christmas present: a new laptop! Oh my god, I know! :P It took two days to transfer my files, set up Ubuntu and install all of my programs, but it was worth it! However, I currently have one problem that doesn't want to be fixed.

When I installed Ubuntu, I opted for the new ext4 filesystem rather than ext3. It seems I made a mistake. Today, while on my Windows side, trying for the fourth time to mount my Ubuntu filesystem, I discovered something terrible. First off, as you may know, while Linux is very nice about foreign filesystems, Windows has remained blind and apathetic. I had previously managed to mount my Linux partitions on my old computer (which had an ext3 filesystem) using a third-party IFS driver that was actually for ext2, but as ext3 was backwards compatible, it worked okay.

Both last week and today, using four different IFS drivers, when I mounted my partition, all I could see were the root subdirectories (such as "home", "usr" and "bin") and nothing else. These folders didn't contain anything either. It was very frustrating until I remembered that I had ext4 and I realized that that was probably what was causing the problem. At that point it became very annoying because I would now have to either remember to transfer files while still on Linux or use a memory stick. It gets worse, however.

When I next booted into Ubuntu, I looked back to the screen to a horrible sight. "Why is it in terminal mode?" I wondered, "Oh god, is it a kernel panic?" It wasn't, but the error message wasn't much better. "ERROR MOUNTING ROOT PARTITION - LOADING MAINTENANCE PROMPT - PRESS CONTROL-D TO RETRY". I crossed my fingers and pressed ^D, but I just got the same error again, along with some more information, however. It now said "OMG RUN FSCK MANUALLY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (not verbatim :P). So I ran fsck, pressed ^D again and it now worked. It gave me quite a scare, though.

So, when deciding which filesystem to use, if you dual-boot with Windows, go with ext3 but otherwise, you should go with ext4. I really don't know what extents are but I'm just going to assume it's better in some way. :P

Hatkirby on January 8th, 2010 at 8:19:13pm
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lol i thought you'd minced the word fsck. I just imagined a linux kernel swearing loudly at the user.

Bluemonkey on January 10th, 2010 at 8:40:36am

LOL that would be funny :P

EDIT: I just noticed (after it being this way for 13 months) that you cannot nest BBCode of the same tag. Another thing to add to the 3.0 fix list.

Hatkirby on January 10th, 2010 at 8:54:00am
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