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Layout 7 Judgement Week

Hiya all! I'm sure you've noticed something rather different about Four Island, I made a new layout! No, it's not the long awaited three-column layout that Bluemonkey prophesied while standing in the Sahara Desert, surrounded by raging sand-winds, one day. No, it's simply Layout 7, a pretty unique Four Island look as it has several things different between it and the previous 4 major layouts. (I don't generally count Hatkirby CDI, Layout 2 or Layout 5 as major layouts, really.)

The biggest difference is probably that it just looks so different from the other layouts. The other layouts had a banner, a navbar, and content down the middle. This one is more, full screen. The banner is at the very top, the sidebar-ish thing is at the very left, and the content is floating in the middle of the remaining space with the navbar sitting contentfully above it. It's not another centered layout, ladies and gentlemen. :) Plus, the glaglaglada of "Recent Comments", "Recent Fourm Posts", "Recent Whatevers" that have annoyed people in the sidebar have also moved, they now reside in the footer, looking pretty nice, I think. :)

Also, because I'm now using more space for the site, The Fourm doesn't replace the sidebar. It's still right there, looking happeh in it's surroundings, eating a lot of cheese. And Fouripedia is like, totally gone. For now. Maybe.

For some reason, whenever I write a new layout, I always end up doing a TON of work around Four Island. Here's something I'm very happy about: I rewrote a lot of the Quotes module, so now it looks a TON prettier and it works a lot better now. Plus, I've added AJAX so you can vote on quotes and flag quotes without leaving the page! Speaking of AJAX, yes, I took it too far! Now you can do a ton of stuff without leaving the page such as voting on the Poll Of The Week, commenting on anything and voting on blog posts! YAY AJAX! You can see the rest of the changes I made at source control.

And as I bet some people (whisper) will notice, Four Island no longer uses HTML. It now uses XHTML! It was gasps very annoying gasps going through my templates gasps and lowercasing all of the gasps tags. Lol :)

I hope you people like Layout 7, and that's what Layout Judgement Week is. I sort of did Layout Judgement Week for Layout 6 too, but I didn't tell anyone about it which is why it sort of omg failed.

Layout Judgement Week is the first week following the release of a new layout. During this time, I'd love it if you could traverse my site and see if you like the new layout. If you do, please comment on this post and tell me so! If there are any changes you would like me to make, just tell me! If you don't like it, after the week has completed, I'll revert to Layout 6, but I like this layout, so I hope you do too. :)

Hatkirby on August 9th, 2009 at 9:50:44am
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