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Maze Of Life

Haiiii, this is the puzzle game I've been ranting about. It's a very simple idea, but (in my opinion), very addicting. :) Every level is a randomly generated maze, but the key is, the maze can change depending on where you are in it. This makes it difficult to see the right way to the goal, which is the blue block in the middle.

Also, after every ten levels the game gets harder. The first ten are pretty easy, but it soon gets harder. The color scheme changes every ten levels, too, just so you know why everything becomes red on level 10. :)

Last thing (I think), when you get stuck and are unable to get to the goal of a level, press escape to return to level one and start over. :)

So, now that I've rephrased my email to Blue, let me post the download link! Click here to download Maze Of Life! If you find any troubles with the game, please feel free to tell me! :)

Oh, wanted to know some scores you might want to beat? Okay, my highscore is 37. :) Sounds good, but here's the scary thing: My brother's highscore is 42. Please beat that! :)

Hatkirby on April 28th, 2009 at 6:57:37pm
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