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OS Wars

I don't think I've ever made clear where I am on the OS war point of view. However, unlike most in the blogging world, I don't make sport of trashing Microsoft. Microsoft's a good company. It makes Windows XP. I like Windows XP. (I hate Windows Vista, but that's another story) No. The company I've decided to hate is not Microsoft, but Apple.

For one thing, Apple is cheap. It sells you an expensive computer that looks stylish but can't do anything good. Then, take the example of the MacBook Air. It's tiny, but you can't remove the battery. You have to get it "fixed". Yes, they call it fixed. Hear that? It's your fault. Apple accuses you unfairly.

Then we have the iPod, senselessly tied to iTunes. The iPod Nano Nike thing. If the battery runs out, well, too bad for you. You need to get a new one. Safari. Besides being a bad browser, it's HTML parsing engine is WebKit, which is actually a thinly disguised version of KHTML, the parsing engine KDE uses. So, Apple steals as well.

I can't really get started on how much I dislike Apple. BOOOOO APPLE IS BAD BOOOOO. expects to be on the receiving end of some flame wars soon

Also, also unlike most in the blogging world, I prefer IE to Firefox. This is mainly due to the fact I grew up with IE, but might also be related to the fact that now that I have to use Firefox (as I use Linux), it crashes about every 5 minutes. That's inconvenient, to say the least.

Hatkirby on June 22nd, 2008 at 10:30:11pm
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