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Polls wear Linux

Yay, we had some votes this week! I don't mind if they weren't ample because it was a poll about Linux! And we all know everyone loves Linux anyway, right? So, here are the results!

Gentoo - 1 vote(s)! Debian or Ubuntu - 2 vote(s)! Red Hat or Fedora - 0 vote(s)! What's a distro? - 0 vote(s)!

In other news, if any of you are thinking of getting Linux, the best Linux I would suggest for people who either don't want anything complicated, or would like it, but can't do Gentoo because of it not supporting their Internet cards, would be Xubuntu. IT'S THE BEST! It's Ubuntu with the Xfce desktop environment instead of the GNOME one. Xfce is based off of GNOME, but it looks much better, still supports all GNOME applications and uses much less RAM! It you need a Linux, try Gentoo and then Xubuntu!

Hatkirby on February 1st, 2008 at 2:40:04pm
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