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Recently, I....

Look, it's another stupid question post! YA----huh?

Anyway, as noted in a recent's post, I start way too many posts with the phrase "Recently, I....". And look, it's even made it into today's post title! GAH!

So, basically, what I'm asking for is, does anyone know of some more phrases I can use here instead of a sentence beginning with "Recently, I...."? Yes, I know, I am the laziest, but that phrase has taken over my mind! No! Get out of there! That's Fourie's house! Ouch! Don't touch me there!

Well, that's today's question post! Remember, if you haven't seen it, the last one was Twitter != tumblr. Thank you, and good 12 o'clock.

Hatkirby on November 25th, 2008 at 12:38:39pm
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