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A few days ago (my birthday, as a matter of fact), I wrote some blogging software for Smiley. He's using it for his website The S Site. But that got me thinking.... If I'm going to be writing projects and codes and stuffs, why not write a PHP blogging system for other peoples to use? I don't want to release Four Island's blogging software, that's MINE. But, SimpleBlog I can.

When the new Four Island's done, I'm going to start a new project called SimpleBlog, which will be the blogging software that Smiley is currently using. But I'm going to have to enhance it. Trust me, just ask Smiley about the Admin Panel. 8D

EDIT: This project has been created. It's called simpleblog.

Hatkirby on June 11th, 2008 at 10:30:03pm
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