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The 6th Layout

Well, the new layout is out, and the 4th is gone. I guess we all had fun with it while it lasted.

We've had it for a while and it's nice - 4 vote(s)! It's getting old - 4 vote(s)! Ewww! - 0 vote(s)! Indifferent - 0 vote(s)!

I'm sorry I'm updating this poll on Sunday instead of Saturday. Something came up that, as usual, I was not told about earlier. :)

Speaking of the new layout, the 6th layout is out and, hopefully, complete! It is good and stuffs and yay.... ok, that was surreal. We're already up to the 6th layout? Strange.

Stranger is that we just had the 4th theme, and now we're having the 6th theme. The reason is because the 5th was created after the 4th had been around for a while, but it was pretty much the same thing, but in a notebook style (aligned to the left of the screen). Everyone hated it. It clashed with browsers and other evil stuffs. In the end, I just switched back to layout 4.

Technically, you could call the theme we just had 4.5 because the new Four Island was released during its lifetime, and the New Four Island didn't only clean up the code, it changed the display a little.

Anyway, with Four Island so far from where it started, I'd like to post some screenshots of the older layouts. However, there are no known screenshots of Hatkirby CDI (the pre-Four Island layout) or Layout 1. The only screenshot of Layout 2 (which was pretty similar to 1) I can remember is on one of those domain identifier sites where they tell you a lot of information about the domain, and it's WHOIS info. But I don't even know if that screenshot's still there.

So, because of that, I'd just like to show you Layout 3, the longest living Four Island theme. Coincidentally, I had saved the sources files defining the third layout in a backup, so the following screen shot is a recreation of Layout 3. Here's the screenshot.

Now, with the 4th layout's life time getting closer and closer to the large lifetime of good ol' layout three, I give you, the more prettiful, Layout Six.

Hatkirby on November 30th, 2008 at 3:34:18pm
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