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The Bet

Okay, so last night, Drifty and I were talking about how I give myself a whole ton of work (Four Island, The Sabrina FanWiki, True Falsities, Pillowcase, Endlenge, whatever story I am currently writing for Four Fiction, KFM, FourPuzzle, my annual RPG and more....) and she dared me to do the following things in one day:

  • Make 3 Pillowcase comics
  • Write a Four Island post
  • Write up an episode of Sabrina
  • Write a True Falsity
  • Finish chapter 1 of my novelette
  • Work on my current programming project

Now, it's 3:56pm and I'm just completing the final item on the list. However, I didn't exactly follow the bet. Instead of making 3 comics, I made 6. Instead of writing one post for Four Island, I wrote 3! (The other two will come out daily, as per usual)

I didn't, though, write up an episode of Sabrina. I had decided that I was going to do that task first, and I went to the FanWiki to see which episode I needed to do next, and it was very evident to me that I hadn't visited it in a while. Every single page had been replaced with spam. And I mean replaced. The original pages weren't in the history so I couldn't revert the spam. So, basically, the Sabrina FanWiki has died. That's why it's been removed off of the Website Projects list. It amuses me, though, that I procrastinated from that project for so long that I didn't even notice it being covered in spam.

I still think I won the bet, though, Drifty, because I doubled my Pillowcase output and tripled my Four Island output. So you have to follow up with your side of the bargain. :) Oh, and my awesome True Falsity? The Gates Of Subliminal Messaging. :)

Hatkirby on November 15th, 2009 at 4:09:31pm
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