We're up!

Welcome, everyone, to Hatkirby CDI! CDI stands for Creation, Development, and Intelligence. Hatkirby CDI welcomes all of you to take part in features available on this site.

Creation is a huge aspect of our goals because I love to program computers. Love love love love love love love. As I make these programs and games, I'll release them onto this site for viewing. Creation is an importating thing anywhere.

Development is taking someone else's work and adding onto it. Even something as indirect as downloading a 3D Graphics API and referencing it in your script, or explicit as using Game Maker 6 to make games is development, and sharing is all part of the process.

Intelligence is what keeps us going. It's the skills we have that makes us all unique. And, we all like to say that we're smart. (Well, I do anyway)

So now that you know about Hatkirby CDI, I hope you have a nice experience and come back again!

Hatkirby on December 31st, 2006 at 12:44:44pm
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