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Another vacation!

Whew! Has it been one week already? So, here ends the first official Poll of the Week! Actually, it's still a day short, because this time I'm going away on a 3.5-day vacation tommorrow, so I thought I'd better update the Poll of the Day today.

Also, sorry for not updating KFM for a while. I'll do it now, but won't be able to over the vacation. I've wanted to make something that I could update without a computer (or a Blackberry...) And that comes to the third thing.

The little scrolling bar on the HatBar is called Minimsgs, I can update via my cellphone, and it contains just little tidbits of info. I hope you're interested! And maybe, sometime, I'll release info about how you too can add info to it!

Hatkirby on November 2nd, 2007 at 6:42:00am
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