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Yes, Pillowcase Season 3! This poll was good, except for one person who OMG VOTED NO?!?!?!?!? HOW DARE YOU!??!?!? :P

Did you like Pillowcase Season 3? YES hugs - 3 vote(s)! Nah, it was a bust like Season 2 - 1 vote(s)! Season 3 is over?!?!?! - 2 vote(s)! Indifferent - 0 vote(s)!

So, guess what peoples? I AM IN AUSTRALIA. HOW AWESOME IS THAT. It also happens to be Sunday. I didn't have Internet access yesterday and I freaked out when I realized that today was Sunday, but then I remembered that it's still Saturday in America! I'm saved! :P Anyway, here's this week's Caption'ds:

Hypocrisy Image

Rocket Feet Image

Anyways, I am very happy to be in Australia, though I am worried about if I will be able to keep up posting once a week, due to my limited Internet access. Hopefully it'll all work out. :)

Hatkirby on June 26th, 2010 at 6:47:12pm
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Another week is over, another poll for me to write about. It seems that we're quite in the majority here, with iPod touch lovers :P. iOS 4 comes out in two days! YAY! Anyway, here are the results:

Do you have an iPod touch? YES AND IT'S AWESOME - 8 vote(s)! No is sad - 3 vote(s)! I have an iPhone! It's the same thing- gets shot by Starla - 0 vote(s)! Indifferent, which really doesn't make sense here - 1 vote(s)!

Just a notice for peoples, this Thursday, I'm going away for about a month so please forgive me if updates come late or if I gasp forget to post one week. I'm going to try to write all of my posts in advance so that I'm not rushing because I will be fairly busy. I'll be back, though! :P

In other news, Pillowcase Season 3 ended today. A moment of silence. :P No, it had a great run and is actually the longest season of Pillowcase so far. I hope you enjoyed it! And that is what this week's poll is about! :P

Anyway, time for caption'd!

Lauren Is Really Quite A Bad Influence And I Think It's Time We Sued Her Image

Unrequited Love Image

Hopefully, I'll have a few more posts to post this week (I neglected my RANDOM ENGLISH RANT last week! :P) as a few interesting things have happened recently and don't worry! I won't completely vanish while I'm gone! :P

Hatkirby on June 19th, 2010 at 2:01:39pm
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Lol, everyone seems to love FourChat! Then again, so do I. It will be awesome when it finally comes out.

A suggestions app - 0 vote(s)! FourChat - 6 vote(s)! Complete user integration - 4 vote(s)! Other (please comment!) - 1 vote(s)!

Hi! Sorry, I would talk about more now, but I'm rather in a hurry. I am going away for the next two days and will probably not have Internet. But Four Island will stay up! Don't worry! :P

Hatkirby on February 13th, 2010 at 8:43:19am
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OK, this poll is finally done! And the results.... Well.... OK.... At least nobody said they didn't like The Fourm.....

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 2 vote(s)! Not a chance. - 0 vote(s)! What's The Fourm? - 2 vote(s)! Indifferent - 0 vote(s)!

In other news, I'm going to be away for a few days again. Four Island should still be up, but if it goes down, and I don't seem like I'm interested in fixing it, this is why.

Hatkirby on April 11th, 2008 at 5:08:03pm
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Well, I updated KFM again. (Whew!) And got back from the vacation. But there's another thing going on. That's right! Remember Project Linux? No, of course you wouldn't! I never posted it on this site!

Project Linux was the idea to move some of my servers on to a dedicated server computer. And that is finally about to come true.

I've downloaded and burned a SLAX iso image. Now remember, this is just supposed to be a Live CD, not a distro, but I'm going with it because I know actually boots on the computer I'm trying (unlike Gentoo and Ubuntu), and doesn't installation sequences that may corrupt and fail (I'm lookinig at you, openSUSE). Here is how I did it:

Unmount the hard drive. I open fdisk within the prompt that SLAX gives you (before you run startx), and deleted all previous partitions. I then created a 1 GB partition, a 512 MB partition with the "Linux swap" type and another one that filled the rest of the drive. The first one is the boot partition, the second is the swap and the third is the filesystem. Run mke2fs for the boot partition, mkswap and swapon for the second and mke2fs -j for the third. CD to the place where the live cd is mounted. For me it was /mnt/live/mnt/hdd. Oh wait! Be sure to unmount the boot partition before running this step! Run: "./ /dev/hda1" where /dev/hda1 is the /dev path to the boot partition. Now, this step will take a while.

Then, when it is done, mount the boot partition and run "fileswap /mnt/hda1/swapfile.swap 512" where /mnt/hda1 is the mount point of the boot partition. That will also take a while.

Almost there! Now, open lilo.conf up in vi (there's no better one you can use just yet, sorry, I know emacs is soooo much better) and add " changes=/dev/hda3" to the "append=" line, right before the last quotation mark. /dev/hda3 should be replaced with the /dev path to the last partition. Replace the "/mnt/make_disk4372q84246" s with the mount point of your boot partition. I know this is getting complicated, but just bear with me. Next, run: "lilo -C /mnt/hda1/lilo.conf -m /mnt/hda1/ -s /mnt/hda1/origmbr 2>&1 grep -vi warning". Remember to replace /mnt/hda1 with the mount point of the boot partition. That will configure LILO to tell SLAX to save all changes not to memory, but to the second partition. There's only one thing left to do, and you need to restart the computer first. Horray, you're done! You can now reboot into the live system! Oh yes, remember to remove the CD from the drive or else your new system won't come up, the CD will.

Login and CD to /etc/rc.d. Open rc.local in vi and add "swapon /mnt/hda1/swapfile.swap" where the only argument there is the path to the swapfile on the boot partition you created with Swapfile. Now you can restart the computer again and Run "startx" to start KDE!

Well everyone, I hope that was an interesting tutorial that no one else really cares about! Thank you, and good morning!

Hatkirby on January 29th, 2008 at 2:54:56pm
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There was a poll named Dustin. He quite liked to eat pumpkin. He ate it so much, no one voted on him, and that's why they called him Dustin. I guess there's always going to be a bad poll. So here are the dismal results:

C or C++ - 0 vote(s)! PHP - 1 vote(s)! BASIC or VB .NET - 0 vote(s)! I don't know any - 0 vote(s)!

Anyway, notice the "Short Reprieve" section of the title? Yes, that's what it means. Another vacation, another 3-day downtime. This is starting to get annoying, and by-something, I do something about it!

EDIT: And yes, that's why I'm updating the POTW one day early. And for those KFM fans, I'll be updating twice on Wednesday instead of Today and Wednesday, because the site won't be up anyway.

Hatkirby on January 24th, 2008 at 3:02:22pm
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Hi people, we're back again! Gone is that annoying :8080 that no one on earth knew about so it seemed like the website was down for the past month when all you really had to do was go to!

Okay... insane run=on sentence... let me try to break that down. For those of you who thought this website's been down for the last month, it hasn't. My relative's webservice is stupid annoying, so I had to host the site on port 8080. To get to the site, you had to go to Mmhm. That's it.

Anyway, I'm back from the vacation now, and there'll (hopefully) be plenty of time to work on the site then!

Also note, that while I was gone, we reached 1000 hits!!!!! YAY! Also, the site's changed a little. See if you can notice.

Hatkirby on January 7th, 2008 at 6:19:49pm
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cry DIDN'T YOU JUST LOVE THIS POLL??!??!??!?!? I'm sorry, I guess I'm just sad the vacation is ending today. Anyway, here are the poll results:

Kirby Week - 4 vote(s)! Christmas - 4 vote(s)! New Years - 0 vote(s)! Other - 2 vote(s)!

Anyway, as I said, the holiday is ending today. I know that the site will be better when I get back, as the port addition will go away, but I will miss my family a lot.

Hatkirby on January 5th, 2008 at 7:59:22am
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Well, I hope you all had a very merry Christmas! And now, some news. With the new Floppy Disk Drive I got for Christmas, development of Ohats can finally continue. That's the good news. The bad news is... as you should know, I'm currently on a vacation. And all of my source code is... at home. Well, of course it had to happen.

But, on the brighter side, it finally gives me time to make the Ohats Project page. But... hmmm... which section would it go into? It's certainly not Windows or Flash, it's not a challenge, and it's not really experimental... I know! I'll create its own category! After all, I'll have to release things FOR Ohats as well as the OS itself!

Hatkirby on December 27th, 2007 at 9:11:44am
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Colon 8080

If you are reading this, then either:

  • I'm back from America already and you're reading this in the Updates Archive, or
  • You're on Four Island and it's working!

HORRAY! I managed to get the UN and PW pretty easily, but the problem turned out to be that my relatives' ISP blocked port 80, just like my ISP blocked port 25 (see the post called MailChat!). I finally bypassed that with a port 80 redirect, but while I am in NY (hopefully only for this vacation), when you type in, it'll show up as an IP address. Note I said Yes, for once you actually have to type in the www. Yahoo! doesn't allow the root domain to be a CNAME, so for right now let's stay content with the www subdomain.

I hope I can get this all sorted out.

Hatkirby on December 13th, 2007 at 3:58:45pm
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