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Colon 8080

If you are reading this, then either:

  • I'm back from America already and you're reading this in the Updates Archive, or
  • You're on Four Island and it's working!

HORRAY! I managed to get the UN and PW pretty easily, but the problem turned out to be that my relatives' ISP blocked port 80, just like my ISP blocked port 25 (see the post called MailChat!). I finally bypassed that with a port 80 redirect, but while I am in NY (hopefully only for this vacation), when you type in www.fourisland.com, it'll show up as an IP address. Note I said www.fourisland.com. Yes, for once you actually have to type in the www. Yahoo! doesn't allow the root domain to be a CNAME, so for right now let's stay content with the www subdomain.

I hope I can get this all sorted out.

Hatkirby on December 13th, 2007 at 3:58:45pm
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