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Falsified Parody

I wanted to start this post off by saying that I had come down with a case of writer's block, a severe condition in which authors and bloggers simply stare at their text editors, unable to write or think and that I'd saved this post in my reserves just in case I came down with this terrible condition, but then I realized that I was copying too much from Humorix. So, instead, I'll start like this:

Recently, I've been reading Humorix again. It's so good! I love it! I so badly want them to continue doing to because it's so funny and good, but sadly, it is not to be.

It is becoming clear that I am obsessed with Humorix. During Four Island's extended downtime, I started a Wordpress blog called "False", which was pretty much a parody of Humorix. However, instead of containing Linux humor, it contained Four Island humor, including all of Four Island's regulars.

For instance, the first story run was about Four Island switching to Wordpress. There was mass hysteria, cats and dogs living together and I had recieved the title of "clinically insane". :)

The next thing was an article on Smiley actually updating his website. Then, akin to Humorix's ''Crashback'' feature, the next post was about the fact that he actually did update his website. However, I then pointed out that Atmos hasn't updated for years.

There was a big series going on in it about Gryphic and the Color Pencils War. It started with Gryphic posting American English on her blog, which people found suspicious. Next post, she posted on her blog an admittance that she was not actually Gryphic, a robot dispatched from the "American English Agency" had locked her in her closet after she posted "Colour 4eva" [sic] and had been writing posts for her ever since. I do not remember why the robot finally cracked, but I do remember paramedics carrying a half-dead Gryphic out of her closet on a stretcher. She was fine by the next post, though, thankfully. :) I think she then sued American English Agency over her blog, a.k.a., she wrote the lawsuit as a blog post. There was a further conspiracy about Gryphic and Color Pencils that I cannot quite remember. It was good, though, and I miss it a lot.

There was this thing about TimTam going insane after being interviewed for something and running out into the desert, but I was probably on cupcakes by then. :) I think it had something to do with this Humorix story, like TimTam was accused of doing that to Apple and then he went insane. I don't know, it was funny.

Sadly, I cannot post the actual posts or the hilarity I miss. There was a problem with the posts, I do not remember what it was. Something, perhaps, with the emoticons, or perhaps the declarations. However, I wrote a PHP script to automatically change all of the posts so the problem was fixed.

Oops. I made a mistake in my script, I forgot the "WHERE" clause in the "UPDATE" command. Stupid me. Every single post was replaced with the contents of the last post written, which had something to do with JAL making a website about saving the children.

That annoys me greatly because I remember LOLing at some of those stories, and I enjoyed the entire Color Pencils fiasco. I liked writing deliberately false news stories, but I wouldn't have the drive to support an entirely separate blog full of it. It would be fun, though.

Perhaps it could be a collaborative project, everyone writes a false news stories, series can build upon others and more fun. That would be fun. And then, there'd be a false news site other than dead ol' Humorix for me to read. And that'd be yay. :)

Hatkirby on January 3rd, 2009 at 12:31:48pm
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:D My closet isn't actually big enough to fit me inside, though I could probably fit in a school locker! The fake news thing is a good idea - you could make a forum for it where we all post fake news. :)

Drifty on January 3rd, 2009 at 6:09:57pm

:) That'd be fun. Maybe I should. I started writing some more fake news stories and perhaps I could put a few there.

Speaking of closets, in the stories I've been writing, after the original Color Pencils closet, I wrote ones where Smiley gets locked in a closet by an impostor Smiley (people notice when Smiley becomes your lawyer and he yells "I KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT LAW BUT THAT'S OK BECAUSE THIS IS JUST A DREAM!" and one where I got locked in my closet by this evil grossy.

I think I'll post the Smiley one because it's LOL. :)

Hatkirby on January 3rd, 2009 at 6:35:31pm

AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! HK STOLE MY IDEA!!!!!!!!!!! (See http://tamasys.endoftheinternet.org/newspaper/) Tamasys remembers that his server is off and that you won't be able to see the page Grr.

tamasys on January 17th, 2009 at 11:55:28pm

Oh no I didn't! I came up with this idea, as the post says, during the downtime around six months ago. :)

Hatkirby on January 18th, 2009 at 12:39:33pm

Hmph. What are we going to do? You thought of it first and told people second, and I thought of it second but told people first.

tamasys on January 18th, 2009 at 5:16:56pm

Maybe I should sue? :) Lih, jk, of course. Are our projects the same? Is yours just sending in falsities but displaying them better? I don't know, I'd just like this project to do well. If you're implementation is better, than maybe you should handle it. But for nao, it's myne. Mwahahahahahah. :) Sorry, I'm insane. Wow, I've said sorry a lot within the last 5 minutes in various posts and comments. Oops, I'm meta-commenting now, which is a sure sign that I'm looking way too far into this and should get off Four Island ASAP. Oh well. What do you think? :)

Hatkirby on January 24th, 2009 at 11:44:12am

Actually, the projects are kind of different - mine is based on a made up place, whereas yours is based on real people. And yours has content...

tamasys on January 30th, 2009 at 9:27:46pm

Mine are kind of based on read people, but it's mostly based on Four Island, Four Islanders (which is, I guess, the real people :)) And I do have content :) Did anyone show you the Wordpress blog I made for True Falsities? If not, you'll find out about it on Monday.

Hatkirby on January 31st, 2009 at 8:14:30am
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