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Get Along Little Moose

The dissolving of Randomlog seems to have resulted in quite a bit of fallout. We continue, today, with another explanation-y post. One day, on Randomlog, an Uncategorized post was published entitled "Get Along Little Moose" accompanied by an extremely strange audio clip. I'll reproduce that here. :P

Click to listen to Get Along Little Moose

It's hilariously weird. For those of you that couldn't really understand it, here are the lyrics:

Get get get along Get get get along Get get get along little moose {x4}

Get along little moose You move way too stupidly We have to get to Mamatown in the north of Idaho! We have 4 head of nose To move way out West But you're moving too slow You are such a pervert!

Get Along Little Moose

What on earth is it? Is it a preview of The Gates Of Sleep's new song? Um, no. It's actually (once again) the result of a combination of MadLibs and my insanity. The other day, I was video-chatting with my cousin and we were doing MadLibs. No, we weren't Pink Panthering, we were putting in randomly insane words in each field. One MadLib I did was called "Westward Ho!" It was.... odd, to say the least, even disregarding my MadLibbial additions to it. It was about two insane children who thought they were cowgirls and were singing songs and stuff. (No, I'm exaggerating, seriously! :P)

The song they sang ended up as "Get along little moose, you move way too stupidly...". In a bout of insanity (where HAVEN'T we heard that before?), I opened Audacity, put the song though a Text-To-Speech program, added some background music, played around a bit with the vocals and.... there we are! Aren't I weird? :P

Hatkirby on May 25th, 2010 at 12:34:49pm
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