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More Silly Spam Bots

I've written on my blog about spam before, but then I was really just making fun of some pathetic spammer's attempt at spam. Oh wait, that's exactly what I'm going to do now. Oh well. :P

As some of you know, I use Gmail as my primary email service. My first email address, though, was through Yahoo! Mail. Yes, I've now realized that Yahoo! is terrible, but I keep the address as an alternative address because my Gmail account is really my personal address. Anyway, I was checking my Yahoo! address the other day because I was expecting some email when I decided to check the Spam box. My Yahoo! address seems to get a lot of weird spam, so I thought I'd go ahead and scope it out.

Wow. I have seem some weird things today. Let's start off with a puzzle. Tell me what you see wrong with this picture:


Yes, I find it quite humorous that the email is clearly from someone named Kevin, yet the subject line says "My name is Mariya". Lolwhut. Here's another one:


Who are you? Nicole or Elena? Either way, you're some stranger on the Internet emailing random people. These emails are best seen through when you're not even the correct target demographic. It's pretty funny. :P

Here's an odd thing I've noticed happen several times with spam at my Yahoo! address:


My Yahoo! address is not ".@yahoo.com". Would that even be possible? But I seem to receive a lot of spam that doesn't seem intended for me: the other two spam emails I showed, plus most of the spam I receive at that address, is sent to a slight variation of my address, but is, for some reason, sent to me instead.

That third picture there is from a 419 email, too. Again with the incorrect demographic. Seriously, I am waiting for some 8 year old with an email address to reply to one of those with "Um, okay, I like money, but I don't have a bank account and mommy told me not to talk to strangers so um I guess bye".

Yeah, this post is pretty weird, but I just saw those emails today and wanted to rant. Really, spammers are so stupid! Example:


Is that even English‽ While that is extremely stupid, that's not really what I meant. Well, it sort of is. What I mean is that spammers don't seem to even try to seem valid anymore. The majority of the Internet know what spam looks like and some, gasp, even know to avoid it! I mean, does spam actually do anything for spammers anymore? What with spam filters and users with an IQ over 5 that exist nowadays?

There's also the fact that, due to the Age of Social Networking, email is largely dying out. I don't say this happily, I relish in email. I get giddy when Gmail Checker Plus pops up with a new message, most of the time only to become disappointed when I see that it's from formspring and it's notifying me about a "newly" answered question that I saw 5 days ago. The death of email isn't a topic for this post, however, though I would like to talk about it at some point.

Really, I'm just ranting on how spammers are stupid and often times, the only reason I would ever see a spam email is because I voluntarily go into the Spam box with the intention of making fun of the idiots that spam people. The only possible use I can see for spam these days is DoS, or possibly scamming stupid people with no spam filters on. Regardless, spam is stupid. And that's the end of my rant! :P

Hatkirby on May 26th, 2010 at 12:33:43pm
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