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Resisting Wordpress

This sort of goes hand-in-hand with yesterday's post of drastic changes. I often get the urge to switch to Wordpress for my blogging engine, instead of the homebrew one I currently use.

I mean, I have pride in my own work, my own, extremely customizable, hand-typed code, but sometimes, Wordpress just really looks attractive with all of it's power and the more dedicated work put into it by a team of people.

I just started reading Lorelle again, and the first post I saw was about the new release of Wordpress that came out yesterday, 2.7. I was a little interested, but what really caught my attention was the new admin panel. It looks soooooo good! How can I resist?

It's hard, resisting a wonderful looking package (that, by the way, Color Pencils and Dream Weaver use) for my own work, but it's worth it. While I don't get the same degree of power and looks, I get the power that I want that Wordpress can't provide as easily: complete freedom.

If there's something my blog isn't doing correctly, I can just go into the source code and fix it. If there's something in Wordpress, if I was using it, that I was unhappy with, I'd have to go hack it or try to write a good plugin.

For instance, at one point, when I was developing the 7th layout that will not exist, I was using Wordpress on the development machine. However, the first, instantly noticeable problem was, "How am I going to have a pending queue?" The thing that I find most useful with my blog is that I can just write posts to it and they're posted on a daily basis, without any required intervention from me.

Wordpress can't provide that the way I want. It does have a scheduled posting feature, but with that, you have to provide the exact date and time you want each post to be posted. That wouldn't work for me, because sometimes there's an emergency post I have to post instantly, and let the pending queue delay for one day. With Wordpress, I'd have to manually edit each post and change the post date.

This would also happen if I decided to make a simple change in the order of the posts in the pending queue. With Four Island, I click on the "Move Up" or "Move Down" button next to the necessary post. With Wordpress, I'd have to manually edit both posts in question. And what if I wanted to move a post more than one space? shivers

So, in conclusion, and without a reason to care, I don't want to use Wordpress, no matter how.... tempting it may be. And I'll try to stand by that. And if that means forcing my readers to yell at me and not read my site anymore if I switch to Wordpress, so be it. :)

Hatkirby on December 11th, 2008 at 12:30:13pm
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