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Ode to Drastic Changes

Yes, this is a reference to TimTam's I Was Sleepy. It made me think. How may of us blog people like to make random, drastic changes to their websites without thinking of the consequences and hating it later? Or is it just me?

Speaking of randomly induced drastic changes, I almost decided to release a layout #7 for Four Island, so soon after the 6th layout was released, but in the end, I decided to use the theme for the TGS webs----oops! Wasn't supposed to say that yet. Oh well, I'm going to be posting about it soon enough anyway. :)

So, how many of you out there do this? Random drastic changes? Not even just your blog! I once changed my username on the Fourm to "Starla", quickly realized that it went against my statement of anonymity (though everyone knows my name anyway) and changed it back to "hatkirby". (I actually also then changed it to "StarlaXY". It was meant to be "StarlaXYZ", but I seemed to have missed the "Z" and was too lazy to fix it)

Omigosh, I just realized, I just made another stupid question post. Oh, don't groan! I love it when people contribute! COMMENTS! GIVE ME COMMENTS! AND PINGBACKS! :)

So, anyways, here's the link to the last question post: Say What?

Hatkirby on December 10th, 2008 at 12:30:48pm
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