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The Great TF Initiative

Okay. A few days ago, I was discussing True Falsities' sad downfall, which was probably due to the extremely large network latency associated with it. I stated that I would just keep it that way until FourComment came around because no one uses True Falsities anyway, but I've now decided that that's not good enough.

I miss True Falsities.

It was a fun website. Many Four Island memes were started as an article on True Falsities and we cannot forget that it was True Falsities that spawned my favorite website project, Pillowcase :P. True Falsities died because I didn't want to let go of my commenting system, which was because I had forgotten one simple fact about True Falsities: I am not the only one that posts stories. Other people post stories! It doesn't matter that no one comments (if no one comments, don't fear the anonymous commenting!) because people are contributing via posts!

True Falsities was fun, so I'm going to find a way to revive it. So, as a first step, I disabled IntenseDebate so that people would actually visit the site again. But how would I encourage people to post again? That's where The Great TF Initiative comes in. Within the next 11 days, I'm going to write a total of 5 new True Falsity stories. They may be horrible. I certainly hope that they won't be :P. Anyway, I will write these stories and then, during the week of April 5th to April 9th, I will post one story a day. A week of True Falsities! Maybe that'll get people posting again!

Now I know what you're all (read: me, me and only me) thinking: "BUT WAIT STARLA YOU ALREADY FAIELEDEDADE YOUR ANNUAL GOAL!!!!!!" Because apparently, you're insane. Yes, I have failed my annual goal of posting on True Falsities twice a month because I only posted once in January and I didn't post at all during February or March. Well, if I post 5 times because of this, I will have made up all of the missed posts for January, February and March. Technically, this isn't allowed in the goal, but we'll make a special exception for this situation because of True Falsities' [near?] death. If True Falsities comes back to life and I continue to post twice a month, then it'll be great. :P

EDIT: I'm just realizing now that this is very similar to a post I wrote last year. Well, let's hope it works this time. :P

Hatkirby on March 25th, 2010 at 12:31:24pm
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