The Jailbreak Dilemma

If you haven't been paying attention to the updates on my previous post, well, strange stuff has been happening in the world of iPhone jailbreak. A long-dead hacker named geohot famous for his blackra1n jailbreak has mysteriously reappeared a claimed to have a jailbreak named limera1n which will be released October 11th, the day after GreenPois0n.

Well, that seems to have changed. Because it's out. Now. Whut. There's only a windows version available (that's why I'm frantically trying to get a tiny netbook working with my iPhone--I don't have my Windows lappy with me), but this is just... wow. I know, I'm excited about jailbreaking my iPhone, but geohot is really placing the jailbreak community into an odd place. Chronic Dev now has to decide whether to burn SHAtter, or try to implement limera1n. It's kind of insane. And it's making me doubt that GreenPois0n will come out tomorrow. Which means that, if limera1n doesn't work for me, I will be angry. Very angry.

A FEW MINUTES LATER: It's not working. And I'm angry. Because GreenPois0n may not be released because of this and that means that geohot just took my jailbreak away. I'm annoyed. There better be a jailbreak that works by 10-10-10 10:10:10.

EDIT: I do not recommend trying limera1n. I've been trying to jailbreak for a few hours now and my iPhone is now stuck in recovery mode and I can't get it out using iRecovery. So, basically, I'm screwed. Wait until tomorrow and see if Chronic Dev does anything awesome. Don't try limera1n. Geohot is an a-hole.

EDIT 2: Okay, I managed to get my iPhone out of recovery mode using a Mac and I'm not totally screwed anymore, but I'm still going to wait until tomorrow for news rather than try using limera1n anymore. I'm angry at you, @geohot.

EDIT 3: iPhone Dev Team has just made the announcement: They're not releasing GreenPois0n tomorrow. I, for one, am disappointed. Thanks, @geohot, I'm angry with you. That is, unless, I get home tomorrow to my Windows laptop and find that limera1n actually does work. That'd be great! :P

Hatkirby on October 9th, 2010 at 7:10:37pm
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