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Really, it's not that new, except that now, it's actually a semi-normal blog. What on earth am I talking about? I'm talking about reform. For a very long time, my blog has been dictated by the oppressive Poll Post, and more recently, a law requiring one non-poll post per week. That's isn't really normal. If you look at anyone else's blog you will see that they probably post whenever and that it's extremely unlikely that they'll have something The Poll Post.

Okay, I realize I'm not explaining things well, so let's jump right into the new plan:

  • The weekly poll post will be abolished. While more inconvenient, if you want to see the results of the previous week's poll, you now have to use the Poll pages. Hopefully a better way to do this will arise as close to no one actually cares about the results of the Poll Of The Week.
  • Caption'd, due to the new lack of a home, will be moved to its own blog.
  • The annual goal requiring me to post once a week will also be abolished.

I think that this is a great idea and I'm really excited to be able to now have a more normal blog. Let's see how this is more beneficial:

  • My blog can now be filled with real content more of the time, rather than annoying posts that appear every week, usually late at night when I'm tired and only just remembered to do them, which results in bad posts that don't really contain anything of value. That's poll posts AND Friday-night goal posts
  • The freedom of posting whenever I want should promote the will to post frequently. I mean, now, I can! :P
  • Caption'd now has its own site dedicated to it rather than being stuffed into a weekly post on another blog, which was just horrible. Caption'd can now have it's own schedule too: in fact, the new Caption'd schedule is a post every Wednesday and Saturday (instead of twice on Saturday).

Well, that's really it. My website just got a little bit more sane. :P Oh, the link to the new Caption'd website. Its in the sidebar, but here it is too: Caption'd. Anyway, I'm really excited about this new system and I can't wait to do a whole lot of free posting. :)

Hatkirby on September 6th, 2010 at 12:30:32pm
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I like the dislike of baseball games, but seriously, people, vocabulary is key.

**voΒ·liΒ·tion**  (v-lshn)
1. The act or an instance of making a conscious choice or decision.
2. A conscious choice or decision.
3. The power or faculty of choosing; the will.

I was asking if you would ever go to baseball game because you actually wanted to, which 38% of us know is pure insanity. :P

Would you attend a baseball game of your own volition? Yeah (I am legally required to allow this as an acceptable answer) - 2 vote(s)! NO WAY runs screaming - 5 vote(s)! What's baseball? - 2 vote(s)! What's volition? - 4 vote(s)!

Okay, so I kind of failed at posting this week (or doing anything at all, really), but.... I have an iPhone! :P Yes, let this be a lesson to me: I have to stop putting down every Apple product that cones out just because it's an Apple product. Also, speaking of awesome iPhone, recent evidence suggests that iOS 4.1 will be released on Wednesday, so we can hope that a jailbreak will soon follow. Anyway, it's late and I want to go listen to Kate Nash, so here's your weekly Caption'd fix:

More, More, More Image

Exotic Animal Life Image

Hatkirby on September 4th, 2010 at 9:51:29pm
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Wow, it seems quite a few people have witnessed the horrors of Fourie! Nah, I'm just kidding, I love Fourie and his disturbing humor! Come on, all, let's all go on IRC! :D

Has Fourie abused you horrifically yet? YES: I'm so scarred! - 5 vote(s)! No, why? DOES HE DO THAT SORT OF THING? - 4 vote(s)! Lol, yes, but I love Fourie! - 1 vote(s)! Other/Indifferent - 0 vote(s)!

So, yes, as I mentioned yesterday, I now have an iPhone 4. Yes, I know, I'm such a hypocrite, BUT I LOVE IT <3. :D I will probably write a post about it tomorrow. Also, now that I actually have a data plan, it would probably be useful to me if Four Island wasn't so freaking large, so I'm planning on making a mobile layout for Four Island (possibly even before 3.0 is released). Gah, I wish 3.0 was already done because it would make everything so much easier. Four Island 2.0 is just such a mess.

Anyway, CAPTION'D!

Dance Dance Revulsion Image

Blind Date Image

Okay, anyway, I know I'm procrastinating my music review now as I now have three in the backlog. I will try really hard to get over my procrastination and write some good posts for this week, because it should be an awesome week and I don't want to waste it. hugs lots of people

Hatkirby on August 28th, 2010 at 12:05:39pm
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Seriously, a lot of you don't have iPods. Whatever. Anyway, RESULTS:

Have you jailbroken your iPod/would you if you had one? YES YES NO I WAS KIDDING I MEANT "YES" - 3 vote(s)! No, which may be because I think it's illegal even though it's not - 2 vote(s)! Don't have one, yo - 4 vote(s)! Indifferent - 2 vote(s)!

Anyway, I'm in Pennsylvania right now and I probably won't be able to post until Tuesday because I have restricted access to my computer. I do have Internet, though, and I'll hopefully be able to wish someone happy birthday using my iPod! :D Anyway, CAPTION'D! :D

She's Quite Violent, Isn't She Image

Religious Experience Image

Anyway, I have to go now, and I have to stop saying "anyway" so often. Um.... CHEDDAR! :P

Hatkirby on August 21st, 2010 at 9:58:00pm
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Yay! Quite a few people said that they would quit Facebook (though I must admit--I voted twice :P). I would be interested to know, though: for those who said they don't use Facebook, what alternatives do you use? :P

Do you think you will ever quit Facebook? YES! some other words - 5 vote(s)! No, Imma miss all me bffls and chinese fud! - 2 vote(s)! Lol, I don't use Facebook. LAUGHS HYSTERICALLY - 4 vote(s)! Indifferent - 1 vote(s)!

Okay, so this weekend, I'm away. AWAY. And I spent most of yesterday writing a fairly long post, which I may post tomorrow three hour distraction okay, so, um, let's just skip to caption'd! :P

Snowball Fight Image

I See You! Image

I'm actually rather proud of myself--I posted quite a few times this week! Anyway, I've really got to work on those music reviews--especially as I'm buying a new CD this Friday! :P Hopefully this week's as good as last week! :P

Hatkirby on August 14th, 2010 at 11:43:50am
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Interesting, The Option Of Complete And Utter Indifference tied with the positive option. You people really do think you're so funny. Well, actually, so do I, seeing as I made the option. Anyway, shame on whoever voted negative and yay Starfall!

Are you excited about the fact that omg Starfall might ACTUALLY be finished soon? YES! nags Starla - 5 vote(s)! Lol, no it's not. :P - 2 vote(s)! I really couldn't care less. - 0 vote(s)! I care less than Option 3. I can't even be bothered to pick whichever option suits me the best, I just want to vote and get out of here. So there. - 5 vote(s)!

Actually, Starfall is sort of progressing. I posted my chapter synopsis last week, woo-hoo! I won't give you the link because I don't want to ruin the story for those who aren't involved with the process already. :P

Anyway, I can't be bothered to rant about how much I hate writing poll posts this week, so I'm just going to skip right to Caption'd:

Passionate About Doughnuts Image

Gleefully Held Hostage Image

So, things are happening! I worked on Four Island a bit this week, wrote a couple of posts, stabbed some people, it's all good. In fact, since I am pretty much free all month, you can expect more posts from me because I'm in that kind of mood. :P Anyway: I HATE POLL POSTS! :P

Hatkirby on August 7th, 2010 at 5:19:09pm
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Lol, the poll has finished! Sorry to those not in the know (basically everyone), but this poll is the result of a combination of two inside jokes that you would probably be better off not knowing. Anyway, here are the results!

What's your favorite shirt from Gap Senile? "Help, I'm Lost" - 0 vote(s)! "Excuse Me, I Need Some Ice Cream. Here's My Wallet; Can You Help?" - 2 vote(s)! "Do You Know What My Name Is? Please?" - 3 vote(s)! "I Gotta BM" - 1 vote(s)!

This week's poll is a bit silly too, but it's actually a bit relevant as well! Did you hear? Starfall, the story that Drifty, TimTam and I have been collaboratively writing for THE PAST TWO YEARS (TOTALLY NOT MY FAULT THIS TIME :P) is finally up to the final chapter! And who has the ominous Chapter 10 been assigned to? Oh god, it's me. :P NAG ME, NAG ME, NAG ME IN THE COMMENTS! :P

Another note: I HAVE BEEN VERY LAZY RECENTLY. And by recently, I MEAN ABOUT A YEAR. I haven't done any real, solid programming since InstaDisc fell through (apart from some short-lived attempts at creating The TGS Website). WHY IS THAT? Something needs to be done here, but mailing me flaming crates of C4 is really messy, so we're going to have to find a different way. Yeah. fizzles out


Prozac Image

Phone Service Image

On a random final note: I changed my fourm avatar to Kate Nash (WHO IS AWESOME)! That, plus Twitter, says that there's going to be another music review soon! Actually, there will be two because I have recently acquired two CDs (and possibly a third in a few hours :P). Anyway, runs away

Hatkirby on July 31st, 2010 at 3:01:27pm
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OH MY GOD, it's time for the judging! And..... SALLY COHN WON! YAY :D. :P

Who do you think should have gone on in this week's America's Got Talent? Sally Cohn - 1 vote(s)! Sally Cohn - 2 vote(s)! Sally Cohn - 1 vote(s)! Sally Cohn - 2 vote(s)!

Anyway, I think this week was marginally better than last week. Actually, it was a lot better because I actually posted a longish not-insane post on time-ish. And I'm on time with this post too. Anyway, I'm NOT AT CAMP ANYMORE YAY LIQUIDS and I will be back in New York shortly! WHICH MEANS YOU GET TO READ MORE INSANE THINGS FROM ME YAY- shot


Change In "Style" Image

Hissy Fit Image

YAY! Anyway, see you next week PEOPLES. COFFEE.

Hatkirby on July 24th, 2010 at 7:59:09pm
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Horray! People actually care about what I write! It's a shock! I never knew! Yeah, um, read the results:

Do my music reviews actually make you want to listen to the music? BUT OF COURSE hums Let Go - 3 vote(s)! WHAT? NO! - 2 vote(s)! You.... review music? - 3 vote(s)! Indifferent - 1 vote(s)!

Yes, I'M SORRY ABOUT THIS WEEK. I HAVE BEEN A FAILURE. THROW FRUIT AT ME. Yes, I know, I'm horrible. But I'm going to be pulling excuses out of thin air again. Yes, IT'S NOT MIDNIGHT YET IN MY TIMEZONE! Please dun kill me! :P Besides, I warned that this month would be a bit wavy. Sorry! Next month will be better! I'm also sorry that I haven't posted my music review that I've been promising yet. I've written most of it, so you may be able to expect it this week! :P

And as for this week's poll, well, it was for the lulz. Sort of. I was being forced to watch America's Got Talent and I saw Sally Cohn, a ~70 year old hand-whistler and she was so heart-meltingly sweet and the act was actually good. Lol, I know I'm a big softy (sometimes), but it sort of killed me when she didn't go through, so I made this poll! Yes, please laugh at me. :P

Anyway, here's this week's Caption'd posts:

Unidentified Globs Of Goooo! Image

Offensive Odor Image

So, this week will probably be as bad as last week, but hopefully not! And remember, whatever you do, make sure you vote for Sally Cohn in this week's poll! :P

Hatkirby on July 18th, 2010 at 1:41:05am
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The results of this poll have been largely inconclusive due to the fact that not a lot of people have iOS 4 or even an iPod touch/iPhone. However, it seems that the people who so largely like it, and the problems I had with it are slowly disappearing (new versions of Byline and Palringo!), so yay!

How has iOS 4 been to you? Nice, yo - 4 vote(s)! CRASH - 2 vote(s)! I... I don't have it! - 5 vote(s)! Indifferent - 1 vote(s)!

Okay, sorry about the rush again, but due to my current circumstances, I have to use my iPod touch to use the Internet, which I billow ends because I have s big post planned for this week. Anyway, time for Caption'd:

Abstinence Police Image

Regret Image

Hatkirby on July 10th, 2010 at 11:00:19pm
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