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New Radio

Hi, this is the first piece of the segment from Randomlog that I like to call "My Life Is Happy" that I never really explained. A lot of the stuff I see on the Internet makes me really sad and I really wish I could fix the ending and make it happier. Well, that's what I'll be doing here. When I find a sad story or comic on the Internet, I'll recreate it and post it! Here goes the first one! (The original story is here).

Dear School,

God bless you for the beautiful radio I won at your recent senior citizen's luncheon. I'm 94 years old and live at the local Home for the Aged. My family has long since passed away and I rarely have visitors. As a result, I have very limited contact with the outside world. This makes your gift especially welcome.

My roommate, Maggie Cook, has had her own radio for as long as I've known her. She listens to it all the time, though usually with the volume so low, I can't hear it. For some reason, she has never wanted to share it.

Last Sunday morning, while listening to her morning gospel programs, she accidentally knocked her radio off its shelf. It smashed into many pieces, and caused her to cry. It was so sad.

Fortunately, I had my new radio. Knowing this, Maggie asked if she could listen to mine. I said "of course", but asked her to put the volume up so that I could hear it. She was so flustered--she wasn't aware that I couldn't hear it previously! It was all a huge misunderstanding. From then on, we became very close friends and we both enjoy the radio you sent us. Thank you so much for bringing entertainment into my life and helping me gain a new friend.

God bless you.

Sincerely, Edna Johnson

Hatkirby on May 23rd, 2010 at 12:35:49pm
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