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It keeps happening. The Four Island Quotes Database is back.

I'm always excited about memorializing stuff. The interactions I have with my friends are a treasure, and I want to remember them and get to enjoy them again and again. I don't really trust third-party services like Discord to stay up forever, or continue to allow me easy access to old conversations. I prefer to own my data whenever possible.

And that's why I semi-rewrote the Quotes DB again (well, I took the standalone Quotes DB I implemented in Rails for Four Island 3 and integrated it into my current website). That's why I made sure to preserve all of the old quotes, even if they involve people I no longer talk to -- my past self considered them important enough to memorialize, so I'll respect that. That's also why I spent hours going through Discord, finding conversations to archive. And when I say that, I mean that there are over a hundred new quotes in the Quotes DB.

It's actually kind of wild -- the last quote from the FI3 era was submitted in January of 2014. Then, almost ten full years pass, and 100 quotes get posted within the span of two days. The first new quote even mentions being raised from the dead. Classic.

Hatkirby on October 22nd, 2023 at 8:17:50pm
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It's that time of year again, folks! My favorite part of the new year is the Quote Of The Year! I love quotes, especially the funny ones, and now that a new year's started, I hope that the Quotes database will once again start filling up with funnylicious quotes. However, before we start a new year of quotes, let's take a look back on last year and its funniest quotes, shall we?

[li=10]#310 - Shifty[/li][li=9]#399 - Two Girls One Cup[/li][li=8]#362 - Don't Leave Me![/li][li=7]#341 - Desk Lamp[/li][li=6]#332 - I AM THE INTERNET[/li][li=5]#380 - THE JACKPOT PRIZEEEE[/li][li=4]#369 - Hatkirby's Virginity[/li][li=3]#334 - Have You Got It In You?[/li][li=2]#336 - The Floor Is Beneath Us![/li]

And the number one quote of 2010, and my personal favorite is....

  1. #331 - Drive D:

Thank you, thank you very much! That was quite a good lineup, and there were several quotes there from my good friend Fourie. :P Hopefully this year turns out to be even funnier! Finally, just for good measure, let's see what the highest rated quote overall is:

#232 - Blank

We fail oh so much. :P

Hatkirby on January 2nd, 2011 at 12:30:22pm
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So, does anyone remember the Quote Of The Month? Lol, AGES ago, I used to post about the highest rated quote that month. Well, I only did it once last year and that was in January. So, I've decided to skip QOTM and instead replace it with the Quotes Of The Year!

2009 was an.... odd year. Four Island kind of exploded during 2009 and not much happened. There were some good quotes, however, and I'm going to list them for you! Here are the 10 most popular quotes from 2009!

  1. #248 The Lollipop Desert
  3. #212 Earthrandoms
  4. #200 I'm Naked!
  5. #186 Smiley Is Slimey
  6. #171 Hatkirby by Rihanna
  7. #272 HLFS
  8. #223 Fangirls
  9. #265 Buried The Kitchen In Fat

And the number one quote of 2009 is....

  1. #232 Blank

Yes, I see the irony. :P Anyway, 2009 had some really good quote. Most of the quotes up there spawned memes. Anyway, those were the quotes of 2009! I'm hoping for some more hilarious, meme-spawning quotes in 2010! Get to cracking jokes! :P And just so you know, the most popular quote overall is:

#112 Loading Very Slowly

Hatkirby on January 3rd, 2010 at 12:30:25pm
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Tay Poll

YAY FOR TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! goes insane I'm happy for everyone who voted "OMG YES" because, well, you're super! :) And for those %19 evil people, eat a cheese block. :)

OMG YES - 9 vote(s)! No, 'cause I'm evil - 4 vote(s)! She's okaaaaaaaay - 6 vote(s)! Indifferent - 2 vote(s)!

Yes, I'm obsessed with Taylor Swift. Get used to it. :) Also, there are some funny quotes in the archive to do with Tay, like Valley Girl, Fangirls and Go To Sleep Or Else. :) Reaaad!

And this week's poll is shamelessly stolen from Drifty again! Here is the fourm topic. I has no imagination sometimes. YAY CHEZ. :)

And, wow, I posted a few times this week! WOOO! I hope I can do that again because posting is FUN! :)

Hatkirby on March 28th, 2009 at 10:11:42am
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#5 + (8) - [X] #86 + (8) - [X]

Ok, I'm quite aware that today is not the first of the month. But, because yesterday was New Years, I had to do something special. However, we haven't done QOTM for a while and I decided that I might as well do it (hello from parentheses land!).

Strangely, this month, there are two quotes of the month! #5 (Envy) and #86 (Voices from Nowhere) tied exactly at 8 points each!

I'd also just like to announce the new minor layout, 6.1! If it conflicts or uglifies anyone's face, just tell me!

Hatkirby on January 2nd, 2009 at 12:32:13pm
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[ #30 + (8) - [X] ](/quotes/30.php)

....We've got a new QOTM. And guess what, it's the (in)famous #30! Click on the link for the full details.

Also, the new Four Island is doing great! I won't reveal much, but I'd like to give you a tiny hint: CSS Speech Bubbles |

Hatkirby on May 31st, 2008 at 10:30:05pm
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Okay, today I have quite a lot to talk about. Why don't we start out with this week's POTW:

The poll this week..... was interesting. I never expected ANYONE to vote for Brain Damage, but to each his/her own.... Anyway, here are the results:

Brain Damage - 1 vote(s)! Myopia - 4 vote(s)! Diabetes - 3 vote(s)! Arthritis - 0 vote(s)!

Speaking of the POTW, because last week I was short on time, I didn't get to say this: That poll actually did have a purpose. I wore that shirt one day in public, and immediately got comments back. Some people wanted to buy it off of me, and some told me I looked like an idiot. Oh well.

Speaking of voting on things, as two days ago was the first of the month, the first ever QOTM (Quote of The Month) took place. And guess who won. Yep, it's good ol' #2. Look at if you like, it's pretty funny, but there are funnier ones. For instance, look at #30 and try to tell me that it's not funnier.

So remember peoples, get voting on quotes! There are already about 91 quotes up, and because #2's already won, it cannot win again. Can't wait to see the next winner!

Okay, to some exciting information! Well, peoples, as I'm sure you've noticed, Four Island is a little WHOLE LOT different! That's because I finally got tired of Layout 3, and we have finally moved to wonderful layout 4!

I hope this layout will be a wonderful one, not only because it's the FOURth layout, but also because everything is becoming more integrated. The Fourm and the Quotes DB have moved in now, and the Projects site is on it's way. Also, the header image at the top will be fun because it will be another thing I can change on holidays! (BTW, there is a holiday in 2 days!) So, let's all congratulate layout 4! Even though it's not COMPLETELY done yet, it will be soon.

And to end off, I'm hosting a new website. Say hello to "Colour Pencils" from Gryphic! Hello! I know, I know. It has U in it. Don't worry, it's driving me insane as well. But it's her blog, and while I can change it, that would be rude.

Well, thus ends a beautiful post! Can't wait to see the votes on this week's POTW, I am quote-happy (and a sugar-freak, according to Gryphic), the fourth layout's looking great, and I can't wait to see some content coming in on Gryphic's new blog!

Hatkirby on May 2nd, 2008 at 5:07:13pm
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