Well, another Poll of the Week has come and gone, Minimsgs has vanished, and if that's not enough, there will be some downtime soon. The computer that is serving you this website has a cracked screen, and it is going to be taken in to be fixed some time in the coming week. During that time, you sadly won't be able to access Four Island, but we hope it gets fixed soon.

In other news, the Projects section is going to be split up! Four new links will appear:

  • Windows Programs
  • Windows Games
  • Flash Games
  • Challenges

We hope you like them, and if you are looking for them, Tetrgi will be moved into Windows Programs, and Rubiwin will be moved into Windows Games.

UPDATE: By the way, the results of the Poll of the Week are as follows:

Yes! - 4 vote(s)! It takes up space on the HatBar. - 0 vote(s)! groan - 0 vote(s)! Scrolling thing! - 0 vote(s)!

Hatkirby on November 9th, 2007 at 4:56:25pm
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Whew! Has it been one week already? So, here ends the first official Poll of the Week! Actually, it's still a day short, because this time I'm going away on a 3.5-day vacation tommorrow, so I thought I'd better update the Poll of the Day today.

Also, sorry for not updating KFM for a while. I'll do it now, but won't be able to over the vacation. I've wanted to make something that I could update without a computer (or a Blackberry...) And that comes to the third thing.

The little scrolling bar on the HatBar is called Minimsgs, I can update via my cellphone, and it contains just little tidbits of info. I hope you're interested! And maybe, sometime, I'll release info about how you too can add info to it!

Hatkirby on November 2nd, 2007 at 6:42:00am
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Finally! A new item on the HatBar! Every week (hopefully), I will release a Poll of the Week, and you can vote on it! If you are a member you can also comment on it at its page. For more information, go to the Poll of the Week page on the right.

Hatkirby on October 25th, 2007 at 5:09:49am
πŸ‘ 4 πŸ‘Ž

Some of you may have noticed the "Login" link on the HatNav, and maybe that they can't post feedback on this site. That's because, for safety reasons, the feedback system is currently invitation-only, until further notice. If you already have a forum account, that account is your login UN/PW. If you don't have an account, you can request invitation by emailing me via the address on the HatBar.

Hatkirby on October 22nd, 2007 at 6:32:21am
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You may be wondering what the "Articles" link, and the three "Everything is Four" links with two "New!" icons next to them are. The answer is, they're our new article system!

When an article gets created, it gets sent to the bottom of the list. An article gains popularity by people reading it. The HatNav on the right shows the newest article, the most popular article, and a random article so people's articles get around. Please see the "Articles" page for more information.

Hatkirby on October 20th, 2007 at 11:24:11pm
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So I was working on my computer as usual when my alerter popped up that my home page had changed. "Good," I thought, "Another hit!" But after 60 seconds... it happens again! And again! And again! I finally checked my home page and found 197 hits!

So I decided to check my IP log. I then found around 50 hits all being referred from www.stumbleupon.com! As I opened stumbleupon.com in Firefox, (I know, I know, IE 7's much better, but Firefox has SEO tools!) I found I had recieved 3 more hits!

Upon reaching StumbleUpon.com, I found that someone had written a review on me! And that person had given me 43 hits! (I had 203 by then) A very BIG thank you to salaboy123 for reviewing me!

Hatkirby on October 15th, 2007 at 6:23:32am
πŸ‘ 5 πŸ‘Ž

We're up!

Welcome, everyone, to Hatkirby CDI! CDI stands for Creation, Development, and Intelligence. Hatkirby CDI welcomes all of you to take part in features available on this site.

Creation is a huge aspect of our goals because I love to program computers. Love love love love love love love. As I make these programs and games, I'll release them onto this site for viewing. Creation is an importating thing anywhere.

Development is taking someone else's work and adding onto it. Even something as indirect as downloading a 3D Graphics API and referencing it in your script, or explicit as using Game Maker 6 to make games is development, and sharing is all part of the process.

Intelligence is what keeps us going. It's the skills we have that makes us all unique. And, we all like to say that we're smart. (Well, I do anyway)

So now that you know about Hatkirby CDI, I hope you have a nice experience and come back again!

Hatkirby on December 31st, 2006 at 12:44:44pm
πŸ‘ 7 πŸ‘Ž

Horray! Tetrgi v1.0 is up! Tetrgi is a text-based-game interpreter, and also a home-made markup language! Simply learn Tetrgi (the language), make a game, and use Tetrgi (the interpreter) to play it! IT'S THAT EASY! I can't wait to see some fun games! Happy programming!

Hatkirby on December 31st, 2006 at 12:44:44pm
πŸ‘ 9 πŸ‘Ž

Oh, this is an important update! I have for you 3 very important announcements!

Number 1: I have started work on a homemade operating system! It's called Ohats, which stands for Operating Hat System! It is currently console-based, but that will change sooner or later! For more information, see the project page!

The next one is about KFM. Kirby's Fan Mail is a webcomic I've been writing since October 25'th 2006 and it currently has 67 comic-pages and should be extremly interesting. I'm going to port it over to my website here for everyone to read, and I'm going to update it more often.

And last but not least, we have The S Site. A friend of mine who only wishes to be known as Smiley told me he wanted to make a website. So I lent him my HTML 5 book, and gave him some free webspace. And now his website is up for viewing! Check out The S Site on the NavBar!

Well, that's my important 3 announcements! I hope you've enjoyed them, and this is Hatkirby, signing out.

Hatkirby on December 31st, 2006 at 12:44:44pm
πŸ‘ 4 πŸ‘Ž

Have some extra time to spare? Then why not do this:

  1. Write or type out the word 'longcat'.
  2. Replace the N with the letter x spaces after N in the alphabet, where x is my favorite number plus 1.
  3. Swap the T with the G.
  4. Add a '/' to the end.
  5. Replace the C with a '.'.
  6. Add jj to the end where j is = (x+1).
  7. Replace the A with the letter y spaces after A in the alphabet, where y is my favorite number.
  8. Add x to the end.
  9. Replace the G with the letter z spaces after G in the alphabet, where z is = (2x+y).
  10. Add kl to the end where k is the letter of the alphabet at position (y/2), and l is the letter of the alphabet at position (k+1).
  11. Reverse the last three characters.
  12. Type the result in the address bar and see what happens.

Please try this! It's interesting, and it took me quite awhile to think up that riddle!

Hatkirby on December 31st, 2006 at 12:44:44pm
πŸ‘ 12 πŸ‘Ž