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iStill Have No Opinion About Apple

Another week is over, another poll for me to write about. It seems that we're quite in the majority here, with iPod touch lovers :P. iOS 4 comes out in two days! YAY! Anyway, here are the results:

Do you have an iPod touch? YES AND IT'S AWESOME - 8 vote(s)! No is sad - 3 vote(s)! I have an iPhone! It's the same thing- gets shot by Starla - 0 vote(s)! Indifferent, which really doesn't make sense here - 1 vote(s)!

Just a notice for peoples, this Thursday, I'm going away for about a month so please forgive me if updates come late or if I gasp forget to post one week. I'm going to try to write all of my posts in advance so that I'm not rushing because I will be fairly busy. I'll be back, though! :P

In other news, Pillowcase Season 3 ended today. A moment of silence. :P No, it had a great run and is actually the longest season of Pillowcase so far. I hope you enjoyed it! And that is what this week's poll is about! :P

Anyway, time for caption'd!

Lauren Is Really Quite A Bad Influence And I Think It's Time We Sued Her Image

Unrequited Love Image

Hopefully, I'll have a few more posts to post this week (I neglected my RANDOM ENGLISH RANT last week! :P) as a few interesting things have happened recently and don't worry! I won't completely vanish while I'm gone! :P

Hatkirby on June 19th, 2010 at 2:01:39pm
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