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Random Predictions of 2009

Woo-hoo! Today's the last night of the year 2008. Tonight Four Island shall shed its red calendars and instead don the blue ones. It will look very strange as we've been looking at red calendars for an entire year. But, change is good. Sometimes. Not really. To some people. I guess. :)

Other websites, apparently, like to predict what will happen in the year to come. These predictions seldom come true unless they are highly cynical, so let's get started!

January 15th I release Layout 7, much to the annoyance of Bluemonkey who wished to release his BluemonkeyBlockLand first.

January 21st I release Layout 8, because random change is fun.

Feburary 2nd I re-install my operating system for no apparent reason.

Feburary 5th Everyone decides that they hate Layout 8 and thusly I revert back to Layout 7.

Feburary 19th In a fit of temporary insanity, I switch Four Island's blogging engine to Wordpress.

March 31st I finally break through my procrastination and switch back to my homebrew blogging engine.

April 4th Someone realizes that I've removed Wordpress and people start coming on Four Island again.

April 22nd phpBB discovers a critical security hole in it's software. In honor of Tri's CIEday, I am too lazy to upgrade The Fourm and someone exploits it, sprinkling pron all over My Little Art Gallery.

May 6th I realize that I accidentally committed my password to source control again. Time to change all of my passwords....

June 7th Much to my annoyance, my defective router spontaneously combusts on my birthday.

June 17th Due to a fault in the space-time continuum, the date June 17th is skipped over, thus allowing conversations that never happened to stay that way.

June 28th I finally have enough time (and I stop procrastinating enough) to buy another router and Four Island goes up.

July 4th I celebrate Independence Day. tonsofpron.com celebrates "Send Spam to Starla" day.

August 25th Because of Opposite Day, people decide to comment on my blog posts.

August 31st Yahoo misplaces my domain records and I lose the right to the domain "fourisland.com".

September 13th I inadvertently manage to mess up the Four Island source code at the same time as losing FourStar (my memory stick), thus leaving no backups, yet again.

September 14th I finally remember that I use a version control system and run hg revert --all.

September 22nd Finally noticing their mistake (because it's renewal day), Yahoo returns my domain to me and charges me extra for "domain transferral".

September 31st Another day, another OS. I install SLAX onto my server computer and immediately regret it.

October 5th I release Layout 9. It looks a bit like the still delayed-by-procrastination TGS site....

November 9th I will post a tutorial on my blog that people actually find interesting. Sadly for me, though, Slashdot decides to link to it. My SLAX server soon explodes from the strain.

November 31st I actually manage to acquire another server computer. I install Ubuntu Server 10.56 on it and praise the fact that I had backups.

December 12th Due to a security hole in the latest version of beep, someone hacks my server and, much to the delight of Four Island's small group of regulars, reverts the layout back to 6.

So, there we are. That's my list of things that cannot possibly happen next year. (Well, except for the layout changes.... and possibly the OS re-installations....)

I hope you got a laugh out of that. And now, please enjoy the new year.

Hatkirby on December 31st, 2008 at 12:31:22pm
👍 -1 👎


[sadface] I am having some trouble getting my site going properly. This is mainly because I am lazy, but also because I can't find a good home for it, My laptop is being stupid, and I no longer have any time. I doubt I will get any work done on it during January, as I will be away the whole time. Anyway, I think it will be hosted on Gizmolio's server, and _____ will be doing DNS for me. I don't know who. Someone.

Bluemonkey on January 1st, 2009 at 8:29:32pm

twinkles eyes I has hosting available :)

Hatkirby on January 2nd, 2009 at 1:34:24pm

Not ASP.NET hosting, which is what Bluemonkey wants. God only know why. And no, I am not restarting this argument, Bluemonkey.

tamasys on January 18th, 2009 at 12:59:47am

Oh, but I'll be starting the argument anyway. ASP? OMK lollipop why? :)

Hatkirby on January 18th, 2009 at 12:40:03pm
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