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Hello, everyone! It is I, your non-humble new leader, Rebecca Black! I was just on my way to Space Costco when I spotted a strange, four-shaped island in the middle of the Pacific that hadn't yet fallen to my Hypnotic Powers Of Tween Decisions Related To Which Seat I Should Take In A Vehicle Driven By A Likely Evictable Xenophobe Which Continues To Prove That I Should Be Buckled Up Because I Could Die So Much More Easily And No One Wants That, Amrite? (or HPOTDRTWSISTIAVDBALEXWCTPTISBBUBICDSMMEANOWTA, for short). I landed my RebeccaShip (made from the enslaved remains of Thursday and Sunday) and contacted the local Rebecca Black Fan (every country needs to have one!). Luckily, the silly human was also the ruler of the island and she handed over the power to me after only 45 autographs.

There have been some changes made around here recently, and I'm sure you'll all agree that they're for the better. First of all, I gave this hideous website quite a facelift, funrite?


I've also instituted a few new FRIDAY!~!!!!!11!!rules that take effect immediately.

  1. No Monday. No exceptions. Our death squads are working on making this impossible.
  3. From now on, whenever you're going to post something on the Fridaym, you must prefix your text with the following disclaimer:

Rebecca Black Is The One. She Sings Good Songs And Has Nice Hair. Let Us All Dance Circles Around A Gyroscope While Our Death Squads Eviscerate The Monday. Afun. 4. Sparly, my pet Friday, must be fed daily. He likes to eat Apple products. I expect the people of Four Island to pitch together to pay for Sparly's iFood. 5. All quotes have been changed to reflect that fact that I am the only person whose autotuned voice is worth listening to. For instance:

Rebecca Black: I'm afraid Drifty will laugh at me if Friday starts appearing on my Rebecca Black: lol Rebecca Black: Heyβ€”the version I bought doesn't have the rapper in it! Rebecca Black: That actually made the song better! Rebecca Black: did you just say... bought? Rebecca Black: DON'T JUDGE ME Rebecca Black: lols Rebecca Black: lol

Quote #440: Friday

  1. Everyone who isn't, must, and also should always, because without doing, it's just as not much fun. And the fun is the most important part.
  2. All cars must have a front and back seat. Possibly even a side seat. No exceptions. On an unrelated note, I've placed resident Tamesis Gethin under double-FRIDAY!!@11~11-house arrest.
  3. Anyone caught listening to anything other than their required 24-Friday listens-a-day will be made into iFood for Sparly.
  4. There must be at least three pedophiliac rappers in every city of Four Island. This will surely increase the FUN to near FUN FUN levels.

I hope everyone enjoys living under my new Friocracy! These rules will most definitely increase the number of four-seater cars around and science has shown that more four-seater cars means more people driving four-seater cars and more people to pass four-seater cars down to their underage, possibly xenophobic kids. Which means more making out in back seats. And more head-on collisions in front seats. This place is going to be awesome. Rebecca Out!


Hatkirby on April 1st, 2011 at 8:15:32pm
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HAPPY NEW YEAR YAYS! :D It's me, your favorite Internet failspaz, wishing you a grand 'ol year! Hopefully it's a good one--I usually get so attached to the old year that I get angsty on New Year's Day, but it's such a weird day and all! Hopefully I actually remember to backup my server today, unlike last year. Oh god, it feels so odd saying "last year" to refer to 2010 because, well, 2010 was yesterday! OH GRAND SMACKS! Well, anyway, I thought it would be fun to start off what should hopefully be a very good year for Four Island with a bit of an old favorite/godforsaken-horror-from-the-mist: my annual goals!


Wait! Before you scream and run away, just listen! Yes, I know I took my goals last year a bit too seriously and it got a bit out of hand and I eventually just had to say "stuff it" to some of them, but relax. This year's going to be different. This year, I'm going to understand my goals for what they are: guidelines, goals, destinations, not the immutable laws of physics that I was treating them as last year. Anyway, even though I know I failed most of my goals, let's see how I did, shall we? :P

  • Increase RSS subscribers to 15 - No. Fail. That said, I didn't actually really do anything to achieve this goal, which is probably why it failed, but I didn't do anything in 2009 and I somehow got up to 10 subscribers then! However, it has stayed at 10 pretty much all year, so I'm going to have to think of some ways to improve my work this year. :P
  • Write a post a week - This, here, was the godawful king of horrific annual goals. I took this goal SO SERIOUSLY for more than half a year and then finally decided that I couldn't take it anymore and just blew it off. Thank goodness I did, because I did so many bad things in the name of this goal. Needless to say, it will not be making another appearance this year. :P
  • Update the POTW on time - Hmm, not only did I fail this once or twice last year, but I actually ended up disintegrating first the poll post (at the same time as I called off my previous goal) and then the actual poll of the week. Well. Fail. :P
  • Don't post random polls - I was actually quite excited at the idea that I may have actually passed this goal, but as I looked back at last year's polls, I did find three that I deem to be pretty random: Sally Cohn (bless her), Gap Senile and Baseball Volition. And now I don't even have the chance to succeed at it this year. :P
  • Average around 1 comment per post - Nope. There were 111 comments posted on blog posts last year and 72 if you don't count comments by me (which I don't). I posted 108 times last year which means that once again, this goal has failed. Darn it. Got to write more interesting posts.
  • Reach 9000 posts on The Fourm - Yes! Surprisingly (and perhaps attributed to my oft-quoted "annual four month popularity spike"), The Fourm passed 9000 posts pretty early in the year--perhaps some time in February or March (I can't remember and I was sure that I had written a post or something about it on The Fourm but I can't find it now...).
  • Write 10 articles on Fouripedia - Not even close. There were in actuality only two new articles posted on Fouripedia last year: Student and Pumpkin. Both articles are actually quite awesome and I invite you to read them if you haven't done so yet. :P
  • Write 2 True Falsities a month - This one has a big fat "N. O." stamped on it. True Falsities really flopped around like a dead fish last year. Out of the 24 new stories I promised, I wrote but one, "New Year? Not Yet!" Then, in March, I went on a save-true-falsities kick and pledged to write a True Falsity a day for an entire work week. Once again, I wrote but one: "Happy Birthday Pyro!" Huge fail. I don't really know what's going to happen to True Falsities, to tell the truth. I really think it may be time to archive it. I really think it may be time to actually make that archive. Hmmm...
  • Release 2 seasons of Pillowcase - Sadly, no, not even this goal was fulfilled. I did create and publish one successful season back in March which ran until June, but I never got around to making another one. I guess I can't do anything right.

Wow, look at that! A whole year of failure for me! Mix that in with my inability to do anything for the holidays on Four Island and we've got a loser! :P Out of my 9 goals last year, I passed 1. Yeah. Not so very good. This year's going to be better. 2011 is going to be a shining year of glory for Four Island, aye? :P Let's enumerate those goals:

  • Write at least four posts a month. It may seem like a low number, but remember, previous years' months were padded out with poll posts. This year, I mean real, solid posts. Also remember that this is a guideline. I may post more, and I hope I post more. If I don't meet my goal one month, well, that's just too bad. Nothing to exploit loopholes over. :P
  • COMMENT! For the third year in a row, I'm going for an average of one (1) comment per post. Every year, I've gotten closer to achieving this goal and if I write nice, substantial posts, well, I could actually get people interested and wanting to comment! I mean, look at Annetenna! Nearly a year later, and people are still commenting on it. Aww, how sweet. :P
  • Exploit the annual spike of popularity for The Fourm! The Fourm currently has about 12,000 posts. Let's see if we can bump that up to a smooth 15,000 by the end of this year. We can do it! POPULARITY SPIKE! :P
  • Continue with Pillowcase. I expect to have released (and completed) at least one season of Pillowcase by the end of the year. Let's do this.
  • Get programming! When was the last time I released something? I want to release at least two things (that I actually programmed) by the end of the year. It could be a website, or another version of something already released, but it has to be something I actually programmed, which means that last year's Randomlog wouldn't have counted. Last year's Skype chatlog script wouldn't have counted either because it wasn't really a thing I released--it was just an informational and helpful blog post. Do some real work! You're awesome! Aaah!

Okay, that was getting a bit odd (I think I may still be a little tired from last night--I always write my New Years post on New Year's Day), but I certainly believe that these goals can be achieved (though I will probably be a little weirded out by the green calendars this year--they remind me of 2007 :P). This year's going to be great. Once again, I hope last year was great for you and I hope that this year will be better. Let's do this.

Hatkirby on January 1st, 2011 at 11:06:16am
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Hi, remember me? I'm the failspaz that failed to even fail during Kirby Week and instead failed even more and hasn't posted since. No Christmas post (well, that's happened before). No December 29th post. What? Anyway, we can hope that will end soon because my first prediction for 2011 is that, as with previous years, Four Island will suddenly become popular amongst its frequenters again on January 1st. Here's hoping! crosses fingers so hard that nothing happens

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah, predictions. Last year's 2010 in Song was a major fail (oh god, that seems such a short time ago), so I'm going to revert to something better that we'll all enjoy: random predictions! Are you ready? I'm not ready. Let's go!

January 1st Four Island, due to it's annual four-month-popularity spell, suddenly becomes popular and as a result, Starla's other router explodes, forcing her to put the only other router in the house, her new Apple Time Capsule, in the dirty, gross, disgusting basement. As a result of that, Starla prints "WANTED" posters for her Time Capsule and drops a pile of them in the spot where it used to live.

January 28th Someone realizes that Four Island isn't up. In fact, it hadn't been up since January 1st because Starla, in her infinite intelligence, forgot to forward the ports. Random sidenote: backing up from the basement is slow.

February 2nd Drifty writes a story about police constables rushing a Russian prison and saving Regina Spektor, who had been imprisoned because the government didn't approve of chemotherapy. Unsurprisingly, Starla thought the story was real and Drifty's email service soon fell to a denial of service attack. Which is rather stupid if you think about it because Starla and Drifty both use Gmail.

February 3rd Starla's printer, Matilda, bails her out of imaginary jail for DoS'ing one of Gmail's servers, Matilda gives Starla a stern talking to, and then prints her out an ice cream cone in FORTRAN.

February 8th iOS 4.3 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is released, giving the devices such new features as time travel, peace-making, house construction, reliable mortgage analysis and the ability to view a page in MobileSafari without it refreshing every five minutes.

February 21st The world comes to an end. Or at least begins to. IANA officially runs out of IPv4 addresses and someone, somewhere finally realizes that "Oh god, this is serious." In unrelated news, Google founder Lawrence E. Page decides to run for U.S. president. He pledges to put AdWords in all of our subways and replace cable TV with YouTube.

March 3rd Apple announces the successor to the iPad, the Max-iPad, which is "bigger, better and has a name that's even easier to make fun of." Needless to say, everyone immediately pre-orders one.

March 15th Starla releases Season 4 of Pillowcase. The first comic depicts a pillowcase buying an iPhone and jailbreaking it. Needless to say, everyone is confused.

March 16th The iPhone Dev Team release a new jailbreak for iOS 4.3: PillowBreak. Needless to say, everyone is even more confused and Starla is pulled aside for questioning.

March 28th Apple releases the Max-iPad. The first 1000 people to arrive at the Apple Store in Manhattan witness a shipping blunder as Apple unpacks the newly released Max-iPads and realized that FedEx accidentally sent them the wrong thing. Happy Apple customers walked away with $500 hygiene products and didn't realize the mistake until they tried to play Angry Birds on them.

April 4th Optical media officially becomes obsolete. Smiley is seen jumping around in the background shouting "HA! I WIN! TAKE THAT!" Starla is sad until she realizes that obsolete != nonexistent (they still make vinyl records, you know) and buys a subscription to "I'm Old And I Still Like CDs Magazine".

April 17th Prices of condos go up after presidential candidate Lawrence E. Page announces that if elected, he will make it mandatory by law to install spam filters in all USPS mail trucks.

April 18th Prices of condos go back down after it is realized that 2011 isn't a presidential election year.

May 1st Starla gets "May Fever", as she calls her nonsensical obsession with the month May, and releases a remix of "Girlfriend in the City" by Nelly Furtado that is supposed to illustrate why. Needless to say, it doesn't.

May 5th iTunes 11 is released with new features such as "Even Uglier UI!", "More Annoying Social Networks!", "When You Buys Songs From Us, We Make You Sign Your Name In Blood!" and worst of all, the inability to import songs from CD. Starla doesn't upgrade to iTunes 11. For some reason, everyone else does.

June 6th Pyro achieves the fastest time for solving a Rubix cube while doing her nails and saying the word "serendipity" in a questioning manner: infinity.

June 7th Starla gets a MacBook Pro and is so excited about it that she accidentally spills kerosene on her server.

June 17th The iPhone 5 is released with a CDMA chip. AT&T immediately goes out of business.

July 7th Someone says "Hey, maybe we should start switching to IPv6 soon." He is ignored.

July 29th Tumblr experiences some downtime. Starla's old computer also has a kernel panic, someone makes a jokes about the Max-iPad, a cat is found in a tree and the sun rises in the east.

August 3rd Nicki Minaj dies a horrific, lack-of-talent-related death. Justin Beiber, Jason Derulo and every rapper start worrying about the likelihood of releasing another album.

August 8th Timbo94 writes a True Falsity about purchasing the rights to Cardcaptor Sakura. Everyone is so surprised that someone actually out-waited the latency to write a True Falsity that someone, somewhere is sued and something, somewhere explodes.

September 9th The first Homestar Runner video of the year is released. Everyone immediately forgets about the hiatus and watches in excitement as Homestar says something funny and is subsequently stuffed in a bread drawer.

September 22nd In celebration of Four Island's anniversary, Starla releases Four Island 3, a grand rewrite of Four Island in Ruby on Rails. Everyone is so stunned with the beauty and magnificence of the new website that Starla is immediately arrested and a background search is done based on the suspicion that she stole the website from someone.

September 23rd expires.

October 10th Starla is released from prison due to the fact that she talked about The Crucible and Kate Nash too frequently. She subsequently opens her web browser only to find that has been replaced with porn.

November 10th The world actually comes to an end as the RIRs all run out of IPv4 addresses. All Mayan-superstion believers are surprised as armageddon arrives a year and a month earlier than they expected it to. Starla laughs at them from the side, and then realizes that the end of the world isn't necessarily a good thing, so she backs up her server and runs off with her Time Capsule.

November 11th Nobody is around to troll the Internet about a certain redundancy of the date because the world ended.

There you go! Random Predictions for 2011. What's interesting is that while my predictions for February 21st and November 10th are humorous, they are actually going to happen (albeit possibly on earlier dates). Not the Google presidency thing, the exhaustion of IPv4. It's going to be interesting to see how this year pans out because this is actually rather serious and it's going to happen. Lol, I can't wait to laugh at 2012 believers. Anyway, I hope you've all enjoyed 2010, because tonight, it's all going to be over! And let me be the one to say: "Oh GOD, that was fast." :P

Hatkirby on December 31st, 2010 at 12:30:42pm
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On the second day of Kirby Week, Four Island gave to me: a tutorial on pretty error messages.

Disclaimer: The post assumes you have Rails 3. It may work with Rails 2, but I dun know about that. Just to be safe, go ahead and install Rails 3. :P We good? Great.

Hi, 'yall! It's me! Do you know what's sort of annoying? Rails is really wonderful with all the things you can do with models. Specifically, validations are just great, and most of the time, they're really pretty too (because Rails is about Readability!), so you can write beautiful code like this:

validates_presence_of [:anon_name, :anon_email], :if => :anonymous?

You see? In one line, I made it so that the model checked for the presence of "anonname" and "anonemail" when "anonymous?" returned true. That's just great. However, there's a problem with this that you may be able to foresee. Let's see what kind of error messages are returned when "anonname" and "anonemail" are left out:

Anon Name is blank Anon Email is blank

That's not really that user friendly, is it. Oh well, we can just change our code a bit, right? Make it a bit less pretty?

validates_presence_of :anon_name, :message => "Your name is blank", :if => :anonymous?
validates_presence_of :anon_email, :message => "Your email is blank", :if => :anonymous?

It's a bit longer and clunkier, but it should work, right? Nope.

Anon Name Your name is blank Anon Email Your email is blank

D'oh! After searching around the Internet, the only solution I could find was this disgusting jumble:

validate do |comment|
  if comment.anonymous?
    comment.errors.add_to_base("Your name is blank") if comment.anon_name.blank?
    comment.errors.add_to_base("Your email is blank") if comment.anon_email.blank?

Now the error messages are correct, but the code itself is horrendously disgusting. I can't settle for that! Well, it turns out that there's another way. A way that works with the first method of validation shown above, the one that validated both fields in one line. Yes. Go back to that. Next, look inside your config/initializers folder for a file called "inflections.rb". Add the following to the bottom:

ActiveSupport::Inflector.inflections do |inflect|
  inflect.human "anon_name", "Your username"
  inflect.human "anon_email", "Your email"

Now, restart your server and check your error messages. Guess what?

Your username is blank Your email is blank

This works because the inflector is used to humanize the names of fields before they are prepended to the error message. By customizing how the inflector humanizes the field names, you can effectively customize your error messages! Horray! The inflector can be a good ally once you learn how to use it properly because Rails humanizes things in a lot of places. Let the inflector be with you. Okay. I should end this post now. :P

Hatkirby on December 14th, 2010 at 12:30:07pm
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On the first day of Kirby Week, Four Island gave to me: A tutorial on how to get Rails 3.

Oh my god, it's Kirby Week. That. Was. Fast. I just remembered yesterday (which was the first day of Kirby Week, but I didn't have to post on Sunday anyway) that I usually post once a weekday for Kirby Week (except Friday, which I have traditionally failed at life on :P ). Right. Anyway, since I have been doing a lot of work with Ruby on Rails recently with Four Island 3, I think I should focus this year's Kirby Week on Rails! :D

Now, I have been using Rails 3 to develop Four Island 3 (OH MY GOD THE THREES! RUN AWAY!!!!!) and it's quite nice. It doesn't seem beta-ish at all, and do you know why? Because it isn't beta-ish at all! :P Today, I'm going to show you how to install Rails 3 (as well as some other stuff) onto your computer because Rails 3 is pretty awesome yo dawg business. O_O

Now, as you may know, Rails 3 requires Ruby 1.9. Ruby 1.9 is pretty awesome, but it breaks a lot of old Ruby programs, so we're going to install it alongside your system Ruby installation by using something called "rvm", or the Ruby Version Manager. Note that this will only work on UNIX-based OSes, that means Linux and OS X (no Windows! :P ). First, ensure that you have "git" installed. Second, open a terminal and run this command:

bash < <( curl )

It seems pretty mysterious, but all it does is download rvm. You're not quite done yet--you have to inject rvm into your bash session. To do this, follow the instructions that the above command showed you, or just add this line to your ~/.bash_profile file:

[[ -s "$HOME/.rvm/scripts/rvm" ]] && . "$HOME/.rvm/scripts/rvm"  # This loads RVM into a shell session.

Next, open a new bash session or just source the profile (source ~/.bash_profile) to load rvm into your session. Finally, just ensure that everything worked by running the following command:

type rvm | head -1

If it replies with rvm is a function, then congratulations! You've successfully installed rvm, and not much else yet! :P Just to keep things safe, run rvm notes to see if there's anything special you have to do for your particular operating system (for instance, I believe you need to have Xcode installed for OS X).

Great! Now, let's install Ruby 1.9.2. It's fairly simple--just run the following commands:

rvm install 1.9.2
rvm --default use 1.9.2
rvm default

The first line is the one that will take a while, but it's a fairly simple process overall--it just installs Ruby 1.9.2, sets it as the default ruby and then chooses it to be the interpreter for the current session.

Finally, let's install Rails 3. Run the following command:

gem install rails

Note that you should never use sudo when installing gems when you are using rvm. Anyway, yes, it really was that easy. Now that you have Rails 3 installed, you should explore the great wondernesses of its wonderness! :P You should read that page. Yes. Anyway, I'm going to be writing about some cool tips and tricks of this you can do with Rails this week and it's going to be great. :D And, now that you have Rails 3 like I do, you can be sure they'll work! :P

Oh, and if you ever want to switch back to your system's default Ruby, run this command:

rvm use system
Hatkirby on December 13th, 2010 at 12:30:13pm
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Guess what today is! You may know already, because there's a background picture and everything. Anyway, it's the third anniversary of the registration of, and, obviously, Four Island itself! You can relive the whole experience by reading this badly written post. :P You'll notice that that's not the first post--yeah, Four Island existed for a week before it was called Four Island.

You'll also notice something else--something that happened today. Yes, I've finally removed The Poll Of The Week. Yeah, Smiley, it's gone. :P For those of you who don't know, the Poll Of The Week was created from an idea by Smiley a little less than three years ago (the Thursday after Four Island was created) and it hasn't really proved to be the greatest thing for Four Island. I generally don't come up with the smartest polls and often just use it as a place to make humorous poll options and to use the word "Indifferent". Also, the whole "poll post" thing, while now abolished, was a pain.

Anyway, it's gone now, though you can still see the old polls in the Polls section of Four Island. I will probably move the Polls section to Four Island Other, or maybe to that Four Island Archive thing I mentioned once. Anyway, this post is becoming very painful for me to finish as it's 11:18 at night and I have to go to the bathroom. So, let me leave off this post on a random, big lettered note:


I love you all, and though it's a bit of a shame that today was an uneventful day for the third YEAR IN A ROW I--!!!!! explodes ...I know, I'm tired, and I should really go now. FOUR ISLAND ROXXORZ! runs away

Hatkirby on September 22nd, 2010 at 11:26:58pm
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It's January 1st once again! And before we go anywhere, let me wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR YAYS! :P I like the repetition thing. So, anyway, exactly 1 year ago, I wrote a post about my 2009 goals. I'm going to write a list of goals for this year as well, but first, let's see if I successfully completed last year's goals!

  • Increase RSS subscribers to 10 - Yes! This is surprising, but I've been noticing all year that my RSS subscriber count has been around my goal level. I requested at least 10 subscribers and the count has been flucuating between 9 and 11 for a while. Currently, it's at 11, so I consider this a pass!
  • Write popular posts - I don't know exactly how to grade this one. For one thing, I barely posted last year (poll posts don't count!), but I did write some posts which were long....ish. Some inspirations such as Kirby Week and The Bet helped me to do so. The goal, however, quotes the Popular Posts module, and as you may have noticed, there is a 2009 post in the list: The Mystery Of The Ancient Fountain Of Dreams. Odd. :P So, for this one, I'm just going to say NEUTRAL and I'll make this year's goals clearer. :)
  • Average around 1 comment per post - Comments? There were 68 comments posted by people other than me last year. How many posts did I post last year? 92. That's right, even with my dismal posting frequency last year, there were less comments than posts. Sad.
  • Update the POTW on time - Wow, I seriously failed the late poll posting goal. For a while in the last quater of 2009, I was updating the POTW on a bi-weekly basis. Fail.
  • Don't post random polls - Yes, I made random polls. I really need to come up with some good ideas for this year. Fail.
  • The final goal was a joke, if no one noticed. :P

So, I passed 1 of 5 goals and failed 3 of 5. Wow, I did really badly last year. I hope I can do better this year. So, without further ado, here's my 2010 goals!

  • Increase my RSS subscriber count to approx. 15 subscribers.
  • Write at least one non-poll post every week. This is important because I am ashamed at my non-postiness in 2009. In 2008, I posted nearly every day!
  • On that note, don't neglect to update the Poll Of The Week! It must be updated once a week on Saturday.
  • Try not to post random poll posts. Make a list of upcoming polls if you have to.
  • Get people to comment! Once again, I'm aiming for, on average, 1 comment per post. This allows for unpopular posts because people may comment frequently on popular posts.
  • Revive The Fourm! Get people posting! I'm aiming for us to pass the 9000th post sometime this year. I mean, it's definitely possible. We had around 6000 posts posted in 2008. I think we can manage 700.
  • Revive Fouripedia! There's a lot of new content that hasn't been added yet. I expect to see at least 10 new non-stub articles on Fouripedia by the end of the year. I know, it's not that big of a goal, but I was seriously lazy last year.
  • Revive True Falsities! True Falsities was actually a 2009 project, so I can't compare it to 2008, but in the first half of the year we had so many people writing stories. Nowadays, there's one or two stories a month. I want at least two stories every month on True Falsities this year!
  • Omg. Freaking. Revive. Pillowcase. I've been promising Season 3 for so long now and I've postponed it many times. Finish the season and post the comics! 2009 saw two seasons of Pillowcase, and I expect the same this year. And no cop-outs!

Wow, I'm really being harsh with myself this year. Well, I was incredibly lazy last year and I didn't get anything done. Anyway, 2009 is over and it is now 2010! Welcome to the new decade! I hope you all had a wonderful New Year and I hope 2010 is a good year for everyone!

Hatkirby on January 1st, 2010 at 9:56:15am
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It's New Years Eve! OMG! This is so exciting, soon it'll be 2010 and Four Island will be different yet again! Does anyone remember last year when all of the blog posts had red calendars next to them? Lol, we've been looking at blue calendars for so long.... And tomorrow it will change again.... to purple! :)

So, last year on New Years Eve, I posted a list of random/cynical predictions of what was to occur in 2009. Did any of them come true? Well, I did make a seventh layout, but not until September. :P And I did reinstall my operating system once, but on my personal computer (because I had somehow deleted the contents of /sbin.... :P) not my server.

This year, because I like the whole annual tradition thing, I will also be writing a list of predictions. But not in list form. I wrote an extremely strange song! :P

In the year oh-ten No-thing would hap-pen Because everyone will be busy typing "Greetings :)" into Yaplet!

Starla will change her site Into an Imogen Heap And then she'll realize she's pronouncing "Imogen" wrong and change it back like that!

TimTam'll make a wiki About a witch in Helsinki Then we'll all mob him from stealing a joke from Sabrina!

And Drifty, she will write A hundred stories in one night Then she'll post them all to FourFiction and my server will explode!

And Smiley, he will post Exactly one post, about toast And he will receive a medal for not posting about com-pu-ters!

And Sammi, she will draw All over her grand-maw Then she'll get grounded for so long that she'll actually write on her blog!

Then Bluemonkey and I Will collab on Layout 9 Until I realize he's trying to write it in ASP and I m-fire him and he m-quits and I realize that I skipped Layout 8! phew

And Pyro will perform A hostile-takeover of the town Jorm Then every day and every night will be a national holiday!

And Ozzyfrog, he will fly Right up in to the Sky And then receive a ticket for flying into a cable company!

And maybe J-A-L Will invent some sort of smell That makes iguanas want to eat toast and he becomes very rich!

And Timbo.... (oh, right, he discontinued his blog) will breathe air!

And True Falsities Will run another story About New Years being redirected to /dev/null and nobody knows what that means!

My router will explode (again) My website will be hacked (again) And Google will be acquired by Soy Products Ltd!

"2010 In Song"

Ummm.... that was weird. :P It.... sort of follows the melody of the first verse of Different Town. :P Anyway, have a very Happy New Year and I will see you tomorrow for my annual goals post!

Hatkirby on December 31st, 2009 at 2:05:42pm
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It's the last day of Kirby Week and some people said to me: "OMG ITS KIRBY WEEK!!!!" It's sad that Kirby Week's nearly over, but the poll results are in! :)

OMG ITS KIRBY WEEK!!!! - 4 vote(s)! **** you. - 0 vote(s)! What the pfargtl is Kirby Week? - 0 vote(s)! INDIFFERENT, OKAY?!?!?!? - 2 vote(s)!

Sew.... about yesterday.... :P I'm sorry I didn't write a post! It's just that I was really tired and I had been out all night and more excuses oh whatever, just throw those bottles of wine at your computer screen. Sorry!

Though I guess you could say that it's a Kirby Week tradition to not complete weekly specials :P . Anyway, Kirby Week is nearly over, but Christmas is very close by! Happiness! :D

Hatkirby on December 19th, 2009 at 10:17:54am
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On the fourth day of Kirby Week, Four Island gave to me: A deeper insight on the true meaningful nudules of randomness.

Randomness is a trait. It's also a blog, but we're talking about the characteristic here. So, what is randomness. WLEll of carser oiyoar know RANODMES S I shyperactivity!!!!!!! pbuttu!!!! Well.... no, not necessarily. You don't have to be a radioactively hyper sheep to be random. Randomness comes from within. Yeah right. :P

Randomness isn't really anything. You want to be random, go run outside and pull a tube-sock over your head. Write a story about someone's brain falling out. Oh dear, I do believe I feel a list coming out!

  • Write a poem on a banana peel and then place it in front of your bedroom door.
  • Exclaim your love for Russian mashed potatoes.
  • Learn how to do the Macarana.... backwards.... twice as fast.
  • Eat a computer.
  • Radioactively reproduce Shakespeare's complete body of work. (This one requires fourteen lifetimes of practicing, so we don't expect you to complete it)
  • Write a post about random stuff as a cop-out because you have a deadline in 12 minutes.
  • Throw one of your favorite belongings into an empty trash bag, dance with it and make sure it knows how to spell "marfsky".
  • Try new things. I've heard catfood is tasty.
  • WRITE WRITE WRITE. Writing a random story is seriously fun and easy. Just think about the stupidest possible thing that could happen AND MAKE IT HAPPEN TO GEORGE WASHINGTON!!!! It never fails.
  • Moderate comments.
  • Listen to the collected works of Ludwig von Beethoven. Backwards. With each song logarithmically faster than the previous one.
  • Download 200 pictures of lolcats, print them out and decorate your favorite mausoleum with them.
  • Sing. Lady GaGa songs. Of course, it has to be backwards.
  • Read a book on advanced physics and apply it to garbage collection in modern programming languages.
  • Make a website about something you enjoy. Such as dust-mite finding. You like finding dust-mites, amrite?
  • EAT A MOOSE. Fine, it can be dead.
  • Using red litmus paper, test various household objects for acidity and alkalinity and then throw them out the window and watch Spongebob Squarepants.

As you can see, there are many ways to be random. INVENT YOUR OWN, DUDE. See? That was random. Be random, spread happiness and try to ignore the fact that this post is so obviously a cop-out. Comment! :P

Hatkirby on December 17th, 2009 at 11:58:32pm
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