#235 Up +27/-31 Down April 27 2009 at 11:57:48 pm EDT
Ozzyfrog: but no one else can see the slash
Ozzyfrog: so you never get slashed
BleuM937: lol
BleuM937: u just end up slashing urself
BleuM937: masochists!
* BleuM937 is surrounded by masochists!
* BleuM937 is a masochist
BleuM937: AARGH
* BleuM937 slashed himself again!!!!!
BleuM937: and again!!!!
Ozzyfrog: Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
BleuM937: this is horrible
BleuM937: /terrible
BleuM937: horrible or terrible
BleuM937: horrible and terrible
Drifty: bacjd
Drifty: *back
* Drifty reads the above conversation
* Drifty is slightly disturbed