#232 Up +37/-16 Down March 30 2009 at 11:37:11 am EDT
#334 Up +40/-19 Down February 28 2010 at 12:36:58 am EST
[7:31:25 PM] Starla Alice Insigna is listening to Have You Got It In You? by Imogen Heap
[7:32:00 PM] Pyro: ROFL
[7:32:07 PM] Pyro: thats what she said
[7:33:53 PM] Starla Alice Insigna: whut?
[7:33:57 PM] Starla Alice Insigna: OH GOD
[7:34:05 PM] Starla Alice Insigna: i get it
[7:34:22 PM] Pyro: Lmao
[7:34:25 PM] Starla Alice Insigna: Nooooooooooooooooooooooo but I liked this song
[7:35:02 PM] Starla Alice Insigna: ahhhhhh now I'm going to think that everytime i hear the song
[7:35:13 PM] Pyro: hahaha
[7:37:41 PM] Starla Alice Insigna: *cries*
[7:37:52 PM] Starla Alice Insigna: lol
[7:38:02 PM] Pyro: sorry :)
[7:38:11 PM] Starla Alice Insigna is listening to Can't Take It In by Imogen Heap
[7:38:23 PM] Pyro: LOL
[7:38:31 PM] Starla Alice Insigna: oh you are KIDDING ME!!!!!!
[7:38:44 PM] Starla Alice Insigna is rofling now
#369 Up +45/-26 Down April 30 2010 at 12:07:14 am EDT
(08:02:12 PM) Hatkirby: Fourie: inventory
(08:02:12 PM) ***Fourie contains nothing.
(08:02:24 PM) Hatkirby: How are you?
(08:02:24 PM) Fourie: Quite well, actually, I just acquired Hatkirby's virginity
(08:02:25 PM) ***DriftyBeyond puts Tamasys in Fourie
(08:02:25 PM) ***Fourie now contains Tamasys.
(08:02:27 PM) Hatkirby: O_O
(08:02:29 PM) DriftyBeyond: O_O
(08:02:38 PM) ***Hatkirby IS LOLLING
(08:02:49 PM) Hatkirby: WHAT DOES THAT MEAN
(08:02:52 PM) DriftyBeyond: Did you tell him to say that?
(08:03:06 PM) DriftyBeyond: botsmack
(08:03:06 PM) Fourie: >.<*
(08:03:20 PM) Hatkirby: I'm hoping that it's some type of template that was preinstalled on him and not that someone actually added that to him
(08:03:28 PM) DriftyBeyond: Me too
(08:03:46 PM) Hatkirby: Fourie: inventory
(08:03:47 PM) Fourie: I am carrying Hatkirby's virginity and Tamasys.
(08:03:47 PM) DriftyBeyond: Or else we may have to watch Fourie more carefully
(08:03:53 PM) Hatkirby: Interesting
(08:03:53 PM) Fourie: You think that's interesting? Wait until you hear about the time I sprained my table!
(08:03:53 PM) DriftyBeyond: O_O
(08:03:57 PM) Hatkirby: It's an item, loffle
(08:04:10 PM) DriftyBeyond: Lol!
(08:04:10 PM) Fourie: No, no you're not.
(08:04:31 PM) ***DriftyBeyond takes Hatkirby's virginity
(08:04:36 PM) Hatkirby: O_O
(08:04:42 PM) DriftyBeyond: wait, I DIDN'T MEAN IT LIKE THAT
(08:04:45 PM) Hatkirby: LOL
(08:04:51 PM) DriftyBeyond: I just wanted to take it from Fourie!
(08:04:59 PM) Hatkirby: Right....
(08:05:01 PM) Hatkirby: :P
(08:05:11 PM) DriftyBeyond: No, really! *is loling out loud*
#121 Up +55/-36 Down June 15 2008 at 10:53:01 am EDT
Tamasys: grr. the laptop is vibrating while it burns that dick
Hatkirby: HAHAHAH
Tamasys: i did not mean to say that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tamasys: ZOMG!!!!
Tamasys: ONOZ!!!!
Tamasys: AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
Hatkirby: HAHAHH
* Tamasys runs in circles
#331 Up +36/-19 Down February 13 2010 at 01:28:51 am EST
Drifty: I want to do something creative, but I don't have the drive D:
Hatkirby: You can use the drive C too, you know
Drifty: lolwut
Hatkirby: like C:\
Drifty: lolyeaaaaah
#310 Up +53/-37 Down January 04 2010 at 02:18:15 pm EST
Ozzyfrog: *shifty*
BleuM937: shifty?
Ozzyfrog: mmm
BleuM937: is that like drifty, except evil?
Ozzyfrog: *shifty*
BleuM937: -er
Ozzyfrog: quite evil
Ozzyfrog: but not quite that evil
BleuM937: not as evil as drifty
BleuM937: i see
Ozzyfrog: no way
#336 Up +38/-23 Down March 05 2010 at 04:57:21 am EST
Pyro: I can't believe the teachers are making us sit on the floor. The floor is beneath us!
Drifty: *lols* Yes, the floor IS beneath us.
Pyro: I meant it in the degrading way!
#82 Up +42/-28 Down April 28 2008 at 10:21:45 am EDT
Gryphic: And Tetrigi
Gryphic: is stuck in my mind
Gryphic: D*MN HIM
yaplet: Last message sent 0 min. ago
yaplet: Welcome to The Fourm
Smiley: d*mn who
Gryphic: *silence*
Gryphic: and he ain't here
Gryphic: to go
Hatkirby: PROFANITY!!!!!!!!!
Hatkirby: HA!
* Hatkirby is literally LOLing
Gryphic: Oh.
Gryphic: You should quote that.
#112 Up +60/-46 Down May 26 2008 at 11:14:04 am EDT
Gryphic: Loading very slowlt
Gryphic: *swoly
Gryphic: *slowl
Starla: .....
Gryphic: *slowly
Starla: Finally!
#376 Up +37/-23 Down May 02 2010 at 01:00:09 am EDT
Fourie: Okay, Hatkirby, deleted that 'Hatkirby' is 'wrong'.