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eka_caesium: New all time great wikipedia diagram unlocked
eka_caesium: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/89/Dravidosaurus_plates.png
hatkirby: What is this
hatkirby: Help
eka_caesium: "Line drawings of the shapes and sizes of some of the fossil plates referred to D. blanfordi by Yadagiri and Ayyasami in 1979"
eka_caesium: The previous record holder was
eka_caesium: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/51/Marimo2.jpg
toothpastecanyon: this is where nasa is keeping the balls,,,,,,,,,,,
hatkirby: WOW
hatkirby: ALRIGHT THEN
eka_caesium: XD
toothpastecanyon: FJDLKGJDG
toothpastecanyon: star I was waiting for you and you never disappoint
eka_caesium: "cladophora glomerata" I'm literally always saying this
toothpastecanyon: damn eka's talking about cladophora glomerata again
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eka_caesium: There are worse things, but the smell that comes from cooking them down is truly awful <--intimately familiar with this
azhdrake: I doubt I'd mind it that much
azhdrake: <- worked in a lab with strong smelling chemicals and bodily fluids included some truly rancid blood
tinylittlegremlin: we have scented cansdles 🕯️
azhdrake: I don't think that would do much besides add an additional strong smell
tinylittlegremlin: too late
tinylittlegremlin: 🕯️ 🕯️ 🕯️ 🕯️ 🕯️ 🕯️ 🕯️
swbookworm: :blueflame: :blueflame: :blueflame: :blueflame: :blueflame: :blueflame: :blueflame:
toothpastecanyon: love a good additional strong smell
swbookworm: hmm that looks like a fire hazard to me
swbookworm: Those. Sent out of order
swbookworm: Oops
toothpastecanyon: it's a fun hazard
swbookworm: Alcor voice: "Fire hazard? More like *FUN* hazard!" [maniacal laughter as something burns down in the background]
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eka_caesium: Terrible impulse moment, I bought it
toothpastecanyon: ohhhh noooo how uhh terrible
eka_caesium: There was only one on ebay :blobsob:
hatkirby: i wanna impulse buy something! i have a hole inside of me that could be filled with items! i wanna do it i wanna do it!
eka_caesium: Buy me
hatkirby: :blobnervous:
eka_caesium: :blobowo:
hatkirby: i mean i guess this is what a deal is
toothpastecanyon: buy eka
hatkirby: but you seem too into it
toothpastecanyon: :thatorbthingfrompetscop:
eka_caesium: :blobowo:
hatkirby: ok uh but like. what do you want in exchange for your soul. or is this just gratis
eka_caesium: :blobowo:
eka_caesium: You
eka_caesium: *you'll find out
hatkirby: :NervousSmile:
eka_caesium: Not you
eka_caesium: NOT YOU
toothpastecanyon: gfdgfdg
hatkirby: i am not giving you my soul
hatkirby: sorry not sorry
eka_caesium: Okay well, it might be you
hatkirby: you just said it wasn't!
eka_caesium: I was bending the truth a bit
hatkirby: that's MY job!! wtf!!
toothpastecanyon: eka is doing the first rule of demon dealings and that is have fun and be silly
hatkirby: pushes you into a puddle
eka_caesium: Uh huh
eka_caesium: bleh
eka_caesium: Oh there's a worm in here
toothpastecanyon: a tiny little one?
eka_caesium: Yeah
toothpastecanyon: oh that's mine
eka_caesium: here take it
toothpastecanyon: thanks! 🥰
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tinylittlegremlin: hi eka
tinylittlegremlin: :raynaud:
eka_caesium: I heard they let worms wriggle around on the counters at starbucks
tinylittlegremlin: this is true, we do
eka_caesium: Messed up
tinylittlegremlin: 🫙
tinylittlegremlin: yup
tinylittlegremlin: [shakes you around in the jar]
swbookworm: oh are u getting in a jar grem?
tinylittlegremlin: no its ekas tuirn to be jarred today
swbookworm: ah okay cool
swbookworm: :jarshake:
tinylittlegremlin: making an eka jam [dumps in sugar]
swbookworm: oh sweet
azhdrake: sugar is, yes
toothpastecanyon: eka jam...
toothpastecanyon: I thought ekas came in slices
tinylittlegremlin: thats why were shaking! to mash em up w trhe sugar
azhdrake: I do hate to say this though, Grem, but you're supposed to add sugar to the jam while the rest of the jam is boiling
azhdrake: it's not gonna mix properly if you just shake it
toothpastecanyon: maybe it's a revolutionary new type of jam
tinylittlegremlin: well i think ur suipposed to marinate it so the jusices dissolve into the sugar
tinylittlegremlin: then cook
tinylittlegremlin: kind alike a syrup
azhdrake: When I've made jam you boil the fruit and add sugar to it
azhdrake: as it's boiling
tinylittlegremlin: the way my family does it you add the sugar first then set it on the fire and mix till it boils
azhdrake: And then add the pectin too
azhdrake: huh
tinylittlegremlin: sugar dissolves as you go
azhdrake: different strats
tinylittlegremlin: both tasty 😋
tinylittlegremlin: the heck is pectin
azhdrake: It. It's what jams the jam? So it's not runny?
tinylittlegremlin: wild
tinylittlegremlin: we just reduce
azhdrake: Like some fruits do have naturally occurring pectin but a lot of them you need to add some
tinylittlegremlin: boil the liquid away....
azhdrake: You normally do both
eka_caesium: You're all losers I am basically identical to guava and this is going to smell disgusting
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newsoupvi: > on witpus
newsoupvi: On what now
hatkirby: Witness puzzles
newsoupvi: Damn that's some good witpussy
hatkirby: Jekskgskgskgskgs
newsoupvi: Yeah makes sense :KEKW:
hatkirby: Trying not to cackle in this waiting room
newsoupvi: witnussy
hatkirby: Getting Jonathan blowed
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newsoupvi: putting someone else's code in your code is just such a pain in C
newsoupvi: Or like
newsoupvi: libraries I mean
newsoupvi: Idk maybe I'm just not used to it
hatkirby: I don't really think it is?
newsoupvi: I love love love that I can go "Hey this problem was probably solved by another person. Ok there is a library for it. I'm just gonna put import their_library at the top of my file and then my IDE will instantly ask me do you want to install their_library and then pip will sort it out for me"
newsoupvi: in Python
hatkirby: If you're using a nice makefile system like cmake, you can just tell it to find the library package and it adds all the right cflags and link flags and you can just include it
hatkirby: Mm yeah
hatkirby: Microsoft made a c++ package system like that
newsoupvi: If I have to download a specific version of a dll and lib, and then realise oh I downloaded the one that was compiled with a different fuckin compiler version thing
hatkirby: I think it's pretty useful. Don't like using Microsoft solutions tho
newsoupvi: I just wanna cry
newsoupvi: forever
newsoupvi: Or when I need to build two different versions, one for debug and one for release
newsoupvi: MD vs MDd
newsoupvi: or whatever
newsoupvi: b ru h
hatkirby: See this is all good to me. The stuff you are saying
hatkirby: It is asmr
newsoupvi: :sadcatNOOO:
newsoupvi: how
newsoupvi: why
newsoupvi: I don't understand :sad:
hatkirby: Raised by wolves
newsoupvi: ok based
newsoupvi: but
newsoupvi: :KEKW:
hatkirby: XD
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hatkirby: i like this post because 1) it's funny 2) reminds me about cock
#645 Up +0/-0 Down November 13 2023 at 08:57:46 am EST
hatkirby: Lmao oh the memories
hatkirby: I miss irc; I miss the decentralised Internet I’m gender
hatkirby: In general*
hatkirby: Shlshldlhdlgshld
newsoupvi: I'M ALSO GENDER
hatkirby: XD
hatkirby: :blobhighfive:
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tinylittlegremlin: on thin ice there, tooth
toothpastecanyon: And I'm jumping up and down 🥰
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azhdrake: Just realized the bit of my story I'm about to write can be described as "a blasphemous conversation about plumbing" which I appreciate
hatkirby: every mario game
azhdrake: o;fajoefjawf
azhdrake: At least there's a plumber involved in those games. This is a blasphemous conversation about plumbing featuring absolutely no one who understands more about plumbing then I do without researching anything
hatkirby: Hehe
azhdrake: I'm having a good time writing
hatkirby: i'm glad! that's a great feeling
azhdrake: Things I will research for this conversation: The elephant's foot in Chernobyl
hatkirby: Things I will not research for this conversation: Basic plumbing or water processing methods
hatkirby: no this tracks
hatkirby: you're researching the stuff that has more day-to-day applications
azhdrake: Stuff that people will really notice if I get some random detail wrong
hatkirby: i swear to god bees if you are even one micro-curie off on the amount of radiation dealt to that tumblr user's grandma in the chernobyl incident i will start holding B, ZR, and Down right now and gathjer energy and rage until i swee you in april and i will annihilate you will ever spell in my arsenal
azhdrake: aflkjaoi;efjo;awjf