#712 Up +0/-0 Down May 14 2024 at 07:21:38 pm EDT
brentonw: It's nice being my own boss
brentonw: I ain't gotta please no man
abgkiwi: I'm gay, so I do
brentonw: Greatest comebacks of all time for 100, Alex
#711 Up +0/-0 Down May 12 2024 at 10:53:56 pm EDT
azhdrake: Herb cheese bread tasty
azhdrake: I need to make bread more
bagabaguette: Excellent decision
azhdrake: What would you know of such things, discord user Baguette?
bagabaguette: What do I know indeed
#710 Up +0/-0 Down May 06 2024 at 10:15:35 pm EDT
rever: For some reason I don't... believe you?
kf01: That's weird.
#709 Up +0/-0 Down May 04 2024 at 12:37:14 pm EDT
rever: is that the ideal way to play link's awakening?
exempt_medic: What, having a cock?
#708 Up +0/-0 Down May 01 2024 at 10:24:18 pm EDT
rever: man hatkirby got contacts now
rever: one mod and one core maintainer
hatkirby: 💪
hatkirby: surrounding myself with high people in place
hatkirby: people in high palces
hatkirby: places
rever: *palace
#707 Up +0/-0 Down April 25 2024 at 07:10:11 pm EDT
hatkirby: yalls i'm doing some game modding and i'm looking at some of the code files in link's awakening and um.
hatkirby: > ObjCockParticle.cs
hatkirby: it is PROBABLY referring to the rooster in the game? but... i am not sure how
hatkirby: ok yeah it is the rooster
toothpastecanyon: link's awakening nsfw???
hatkirby: link's SEXUAL awakening??????????????
toothpastecanyon: HDSFCXHGFHGF
toothpastecanyon: star you're not allowed to make me laugh out loud in class gdfgfd
hatkirby: i mean he was drowning in water, i'm not sure how much more of a *wet* dream you can have, i'm so sorry i take that back i'm sorry
toothpastecanyon: omg
swbookworm: don't take it back!! commit to your puns, no matter how cursed!!
tinylittlegremlin: cursed? didbsomebidy say cursed??
#706 Up +0/-0 Down April 25 2024 at 09:27:37 am EDT
ickyickyicky: I'm so happy you like it, I'm just surprised is all
ickyickyicky: Me and Star are very unhinged during the dangerous life streams
ninjett: I feel like, cause I'm usually doing something while watching, so those times I keep glancing over and getting half of the things and still getting all of the humor
ickyickyicky: Yeah and SOMETIMES you glance over and hatkirby is playing gay porn! With Danny Gonzalez getting stuck in an elevator!
ninjett: [laughing] I remember!
ickyickyicky: It's SO FUNNY, like, I keep thinking about that one guy who starts running over like AaAaaaaAaaa!
toothpastecanyon: Like "oh you silly!"
ickyickyicky: I love the guy in the pink shirt so much
hatkirby: Limpest wrist in the world
ickyickyicky: Are you talking about yourself?
toothpastecanyon: Yeah I think that sounds like a hatkirby thing
ickyickyicky: Yeah that sounds like you-- no, sorry if this sounds like an own, I'm genuinely asking if you mean you
hatkirby: jhgggsdfgg
hatkirby: i meant the guy in the video, but thank u
ickyickyicky: I think you could take him in a limpest wrist battle
hatkirby: you said "i think you could take him" and then paused
hatkirby: and i was like ok
#705 Up +0/-0 Down April 23 2024 at 08:55:43 am EDT
hatkirby: [hears barking in the background] is that a dog
kf01: no, it's my little brother
#704 Up +0/-0 Down April 23 2024 at 08:53:45 am EDT
mr_park3r2: why is your file named danny?
hatkirby: oh lol. where did you even see that?
mr_park3r2: on the file selection screen
hatkirby: oh yeah. man if you couldn't tell I'm really tired
mr_park3r2: i mean it's not like danny is a bad name or anything, i was just curious
hatkirby: nooo I meant "i'm so tired" as in "i couldn't even remember that the name was on the file selection screen"
mr_park3r2: lol
hatkirby: obviously danny is just such a tired person name
hatkirby: i go to the doctor and they ask me my name and i'm like dude i don't *know* i'm so tiredddddd just put down danny or something
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ihnn: 54 years ago
hatkirby: pacific?