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This post was inspired by Gryphic's Christmas Stories prompt "What is the true meaning of Christmas? Love, presents, or just plain celebration?*"

As of this, this is not a true story, but actually a fictitious, short story.*

Tamara looked out the window at the billowy, white snow that covered everything the eye could see. Though she and her family were snowed in their house for a few days, tomorrow was Christmas. And the snow hadn't knocked out their Internet connection.

Tamara remembered back to a month ago when she sat, writing her Christmas list. It was full of "wants" and "needs" and "retroactive lollipop machines". She couldn't wait for those things to arrive. At the time, anyway.

Now, however, she thought differently. It wasn't some magical leaf turnover like in A Christmas Carol, but she was actually starting to think that there could be a meaning of Christmas further than material happiness.

The many family reunions they had gone to within the last week had prooved that, if anything. But the thing that had done the magic was the snow. The snow that had trapped her and her family in her house for half a week (according to the weatherman).

Without anywhere to go, she spent most of her time with her family. It was actually fun. Everyone was being joyful and happy, not at all upset that they couldn't go and buy more EggNog.

With Christmas fast approaching tomorrow, she knew that, over the presents, her family would actually mean something this year. And that is the true meaning of Christmas.

Hatkirby on December 23rd, 2008 at 12:30:12pm
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