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Lol, a lot of variety with this poll! I guess Valentine's Day (for all its Conversation Heart goodness) is not looked upon happily by everyone.

YES I AM IN LOVE WITH MATS - 3 vote(s)! No. There is no love. Go buy a cat. - 3 vote(s)! Yo/Nes - I maybe would have - 6 vote(s)! Indifferent - 2 vote(s)!

Whether you like Valentine's Day or not, however, something special happened on Four Island that day! At 3:36 in the morning on February 14th, Four Island received its 50,000th hit! It is just amazing that we've gone so far. I remember when I went crazy because of my 100th hit. 50,000 is more than 100. :P

Anyway, as I mentioned previously, the 2008 Christmas post has been missing for a quite a while. I don't even know how the row got mutilated like that. Anyway, I finally got over my laziness and looked through where I thought I had a backup. It turned out that I actually had three backups (two from January and one from April) and one of them contained Frasty tha Snaman! Yay! :P

Hatkirby on February 20th, 2010 at 11:38:15am
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I'm back with a short, question post. This time my question is so: What's the difference between a thing like tumblr and a microblogging service like Twitter? I only ask because they seem so similar.

Well, you know the drill. If you know the answer, please leave a comment on this post.

Also, no one has replied to my previous question. If you would like to (and please do so), you can see it at Slashdot...?

And in other news, we just hit 10000 hits yesterday! YAY! Four Island's growing so quickly! Thanks again to all of the people who care to come on Four Island to read posts, comment and use the Fourm.

Hatkirby on June 24th, 2008 at 10:30:03pm
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Congratulations people, we've just recently received our 5000th hit! And hadn't we just passed out 4444th hit 2 days ago? Thank you to all of the people who go onto Four Island every day! It is muchly appreciated!

Note to self: Make blog posts longer.

Hatkirby on May 15th, 2008 at 6:01:38am
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OK! Once again, this week I have quite a lot to talk to you peoples about! How about we start with Fouripedia!

Fouripedia is the new Four Island wiki! Yay! We'd like everyon who wants to to help contribute to this wiki! To be able to edit pages on the wiki, you must have an account on the fourm. Sorry about that, but it's just an extra security precaution, mixed with a minor convenience.

This week looks pretty interesting. We've got quite a lot of votes. I like how many people have chosen The Fourm! Thanks to everyone who voted! Unfortunately, this poll didn't included Fouripedia, but that's because it didn't exist yet. Here are the results:

Four Island - 2 vote(s)! The Fourm - 9 vote(s)! The Project Site - 0 vote(s)! Four Island Quotes DB - 0 vote(s)!

Speaking of the Projects site, I'd like to say something. Some people (unregistered, so I don't know how they managed to) have been posting links to porn on the projects page using the commenting system. I've deleted it all, but I've also disabled the commenting system temporarily because of this. I need to find and fix this security hole because we cannot have people hacking into Four Island and advertising porn. So, sorry for the inconvenience and I hope the commenting system is back up soon.

And to end off on a good note, Four Island has recently passed it's 5th milestone! 4444 hits! YAY! The reason this is so amazing is because the last milestone, 1337, happened pretty recently, specifically Valentine's Day!

Some fourm users have reported that the scroll bar or other scrolling functionality has vanished from Four Island. This is true. It is believed that the JavaScript used to generate the snow is somehow messing with users' ability to scroll. The JavaScript will disappear with the end of the party, generally 24 hours after the 4444th hit. However, the exact time of the milestone is not currently known.

Hatkirby on May 9th, 2008 at 4:34:26pm
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Well, the GIT repository viewer seems to have been chosen... so lookie here, here are the results!

gitweb - 0 vote(s)! CGIT - 2 vote(s)! I don't know. - 2 vote(s)! I don't care. - 0 vote(s)!

In other news, a minor milestone just passed coincidentally on Valentine's day! 1337 hits!

Hatkirby on February 15th, 2008 at 5:13:15pm
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Horray, everyone! We've finally reached our second celebrated milestone! Actually, it's our third, but we didn't celebrate 100. Also, today's the day before New Year's Eve! And we all know what that means, right? FOUR ISLAND FUN! Thanks, everyone, for helping to contribute towards this milestone, and I hope you keep coming back to Four Island!

Hatkirby on December 30th, 2007 at 6:41:09pm
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100 Hits!

Congradulations everyone! There are now over 100 hits, the first milestone! And this website has only been up for about 2 weeks! Whoever got the big red message announcing the 100th hit, please put your hand up now! Thank you for coming to my website, I'm glad you like it, and the next milestone is 500!

Hatkirby on December 31st, 2006 at 12:44:44pm
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